Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. I've been taking a slew of vitamins and supplements for a couple months in an effort to curb my anxiety, depression, and exhaustion. My anxiety has actually gotten worse (although I don't blame that on the vitamins), but I really do think it's helping my depression and exhaustion. I ran out of fish oil a couple weeks ago and couldn't bring myself to spend the $15 to buy more. But this week I have been so exhausted. I took a nap almost every day, and today Justin let me sleep until 11:30! (With a few breastfeeding interruptions, of course.) Lucy actually woke me up at 11:30 because I could've kept sleeping! I guess I'll fork over the $15.

2. Lucy and I did a couple fun activities this week. We made Jell-o J's (that were actually major failures - ha!), and did this chalk shape game. I think I pinned it on pinterest a while ago, but Lucy played it recently at Kelly and Presley's house, and wanted to do it again at home:
I just drew a bunch of different colored shapes on the driveway, then instructed Lucy to "Hop to the green heart" or "Walk backwards to the purple circle." She loved it! We might try it with letters or numbers next time.

3. So I decided to quit my diet. Haha. I did it for about a month, lost 10 pounds, and gave up. I really lost those 10 pounds in the first week and haven't lost a thing since then. All the calorie counting was stressing me out, and honestly I just miss eating what I want. I made it to my pre-pregnancy weight, and will hope breastfeeding helps me lose the last 10-15 lbs I want to lose. Haha. We'll see.

4.One day this week, Justin noticed that someone left some hobo pie makers out by the fire pit. We decided to make use of them for dinner on Thursday, and had a little family bonfire.
Lucy mostly ate marshmallows and goldfish. Haha
We did a pizza version. Yummy!
5. Lena suddenly decided she won't take a bottle anymore. I think she's traumatized from the formula debacle. It's actually quite frustrating. Justin and I have gift cards to Olive Garden and Celebration Cinema, but if Lena won't take a bottle, I can't leave her for longer than 3 hours at a time. Talk about feeling tied down!

6-7.  A mini-Lena update: I feel like she has grown and changed so much this week. She suddenly loves Lucy. Up until this week, she's been semi-indifferent toward her, but now anytime Lena sees Lucy she starts smiling and squealing. She figured out how to roll from her belly to her back this week. She actually rolled across the room a few times. But since that first day it's been pretty inconsistent. She still spends a fair amount of time rolling onto her belly, then screaming because she's stuck like that. Haha. Speaking of screaming - she has a new scream. At first I rushed to get her out of the swing, thinking something was seriously wrong. But I've wised up since then. It's just an angrier, screamier version of her regular cry. She uses the angry scream anytime she gets put in her swing (for naptime) or anytime she wants me. She's become quite the mama's girl this week and doesn't want anyone but me. I love that she recognizes my voice and searches for it whenever she hears me. One day this week my mom was holding Lena facing away from me. When I said something to my mom, Lena started craning her neck searching for me. *Love* She's also become majorly distractable while nursing. I have to tell her like 5 times each session, "Quit smiling at me and eat." Haha. And she pulls away anytime she hears anyone talking. She's been eating terribly lately because she just doesn't pay attention!

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