Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lucy's "Frozen" Birthday Party!

A few months ago, I saw a carnival themed birthday party on Pinterest and decided this would be a good year for Lucy to have her first friend party. I thought she'd love a carnival theme and it'd be easy and fun. And then along came Frozen. There was no question that the carnival was going to be replaced by Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. Thanks to its insane popularity, there were a plethora of ideas on Pinterest. I chose a few of the easiest and went to town. :-)

My amateur pictures don't do justice to the tons of paper snowflakes Lucy and I cut out and hung from the ceiling:

I chose a purple, blue and white theme to complement our Frozen tableware.

I originally found the plates/cups/napkins at Party City, but then discovered the same thing at Dollar N' More in Sparta! If you're looking for Frozen tableware in my area, go to Dollar N' More and shop local! ;-)

I got this Frozen poster at Wal-Mart for $5. I'm sure it will find permanent residence on Lucy's bedroom wall soon.
Another idea from Pinterest.
Completed kitchen. Snowflake tablecloth also from Dollar N' More.
The "Pin the Nose on Olaf" poster my dad drew. Don't you wish you had artistic abilities like that?!
We had hot dogs as our main course, and then I had way too much fun with sides.
"Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" snacks. (Marshmallow bodies, pretzel arms, chocolate chip buttons, orange sixlet noses - found packaged by color in Meijer's bulk candy section.)
Olaf Noses. (Cheese puffs)
Kristoff's Blocks of Ice (Blue Jell-o)
Sven Snacks (Carrots)
Close up of the labels I spent way too much time making. Haha.
Punch. I was going to make a clever name for it, but totally forgot. It was sprite and blue kool-aid with frozen kool-aid cubes.

Melted snowman - aka water.
Royal cupcakes. 
*Sidenote* I used this icing to frost them. Best thing ever! I frosted 24 cupcakes with Lena on my hip in 5 minutes!
Finished tablescape:

The Party!
Birthday girl all dressed up and anxious for her friends to arrive!
Getting ready to play the game.
Time to Pin the Nose on Olaf!
Next up: Freeze Dance! We played music from the Frozen soundtrack, and pretended Elsa got us with an icy blast every time the music stopped:
I was really getting into it . . .
Then it was cupcake time!

Lucy got spoiled with some awesome presents again:

Then it was time to play outside and burn off some of that sugar!

We finished our fun-filled day by sending our friends home with some goody bags! 

It was such a great party, and we're so happy most of our friends could make it out to play with us! Happy 4th birthday, Lucy!

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  1. That looks like an awesome party!! I want you to host my birthday party next year. :D


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