Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. We had such a nice Memorial Day. We spent all day Saturday at a friend's cottage. Lucy adored the water, and spent hours in the lake.

Then on Monday, we went to Justin's grandparents' house and spent more time in the water.

2. Lena is suddenly obsessed with her baby and "Ellie." She has four loveys, but she recently took to one in particular and carries it all over. Love her.

3. I went to yoga again this week. It was more intense than last week, but still fun. It's good, because even though there are bursts of difficulty, it doesn't last so long that it feels unbearable. You do the hard pose for a few minutes, then move onto an easier one. I actually got into a pose that I never would've guessed I'd be able to do. Some kind of weird sideways headstand. Woot! Yoga confirms what I already knew: I'm really flexible, but completely lack in strength and balance. Haha. Hopefully I'll improve as I continue. 

4. I realized recently that I haven't been watching much TV lately. I used to be kind of a junkie, but nothing good is ever on the 4 channels we get, and I've finished all my Netflix shows (Raising Hope, Parks and Rec). But last night, I decided to try a new one: Hart of Dixie. I'm obsessed. I stayed up 'til midnight last night watching the first three episodes, and am on the same track for tonight.

5. Part of the reason I've been staying up so late is because Justin is gone for the weekend on a camping trip with a bunch of guys from our small group. So today the small group wives and kids got together at the pool for the day. We had so much fun and the kids were so good! I have great memories of hanging out at the pool with my friends while our moms chatted and drank Diet Coke. I love carrying on the tradition. (Although I've replaced the beverage with a much better alternative.) And I love that my kids will have friends to grow up with like I did.

Watch out for pirates!

6. I found this picture this week. I know now where I get my huge eyebrows from.
My dad and his mom. Lol. 
7. We've decided not to enroll Lucy in preschool this fall. I've been working with her a lot at home and don't think it's necessary. But I've been thinking of doing a little more formal homeschooling in the fall to really prepare her for Kindergarten. I've been looking at some free curricula online - like this one or this one. But they're all so involved!! I'm tempted to write my own, but I know myself, and know I won't follow through once the novelty wears off and I get bored. Any suggestions?


  1. Sadie - I'm so psyched that you've been going to yoga! I've been practicing more or less for four years and I absolutely love it. I'm wracking my brain trying to think of the "sideways headstand" that you did and can't think of anything ... maybe half moon or shoulder stand? Anyway, I think it's great and hope you keep going! :)

    1. It was this one Catie:

      Minus the legs straight up in the air. I just got to the second position.

      I love when you comment on my blog. So good to hear from you once in a while! :-)

    2. That is very rad - go you!

      Yes, I'm a faithful reader, but not a very faithful commenter :P

      <3 Catie

  2. Aw, so much summer fun! Can Lucy swim? I think Orion should probably learn this year.

    Yay yoga! So fun and really great exercise. Go you!! I love group classes :)

    Have you looked at abcjesuslovesme? I think that's what I'm doing with O this year.

    1. Lucy can only swim with her swimmies on. But I predict by the end of the summer, she'll be swimming on her own. :-)

      I'm going to check out abcjesuslovesme. Thanks!


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