Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. I posted this picture on facebook/instagram this week:
My first attempt at homemade burritos - without a recipe! I was so proud of myself. I always follow a recipe. This was pretty much just my enchiladas (recipe on the back of the McCormick seasoning packet) with refried beans inside. Although I did add a can of diced tomatoes with sweet onions, and used canned enchilada sauce instead of the packet kind. Neither Justin nor I were fans of the canned enchilada sauce (cheapo Meijer brand), but other than that, they were delicious!! *pats self on back*

2. We celebrated Mothers' Day and Lucy's birthday on Sunday. Justin's poor mom slaved over the stove and made us a delicious meal on Mothers' Day, then everyone came back to our house for a party. Lucy was ridiculously spoiled as usual. Look at this pile of shoes Justin's mom bought her!
She got a bunch of suuuuper cute clothes, some great Frozen finds, lots of books, a bike and this was as great a hit as I predicted:
The Snackeez! She loves that thing.
She also loved the Anna dress I snagged on Thursday. She didn't even need to wear clothes or pajamas for a few days, because she never took it off! Lol.
I got a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter cups and a bag of Dove chocolates for Mother's Day. That's all I need to be happy!

3. Lena had her 15 month check-up yesterday. She finally grew, so she's back on the charts! 20 lbs and 30 inches. 20th % for weight, 30th % for height. She had to get 4 shots. :-( When they put in the first two, she flinched, but didn't cry until the second two went in. Then I told her we were all done, and she kept sobbing, "All done! All done!" Broke my heart. Lucy was with us, and insisted on getting a sucker when we left. I felt so bad that Lena was the one who was in pain and Lucy was the one getting a sucker, so I let Lena have one for the first time. And then I remembered why I don't let Lena have suckers:
This picture does not do justice to the incredible stickiness of her entire body. Lol.
4. I've noticed recently that Lena is trying to sing. When Lucy sings Do You Wanna Build a Snowman, there's a line that goes, "Do you want to build a snowman? -Go away, Anna! - Okayyy, byyyyye." Lena always echoes "byyyye." Haha. And I've noticed her singing "Bible, Bible," for the line in Jesus Loves Me (the Bible tells me so). But my favorite is her sudden interest in lullabies. I don't sing the typical "lullaby" song to her, but Lucy loves to rock her at nap time a few times a week and sing her own absurd version of it. It goes something like, "Lullavy, and good night. Mama went in your room. And she saw you were asleep and there was a giant lion!" Anyway, one day this week, Lena climbed up in Lucy's bed and started singing "lullaby" over and over. Later that day, she was doing it with her babies. I love it!

5. We had some weird weather this week. Hot and sunny at the beginning of the week, rainy and downright cold by the end. This was my dinner last night:
Hearty beef stew by the fire. Ugh. 
6. We did get outside with the girls before the major cool down, after a day of rain:
Lucy does not appreciate mud.
Lena + Sidewalk chalk + Black pants =

7. Sorry this entry is short and consists pretty much of pictures. I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off getting everything ready for Lucy's party today. I had all week to prepare, but kept telling myself "Oh, I've got time." I work best under pressure anyway. Haha. Procrastination at its finest. Here's a sneak peak of the fun to come. Guess what game we'll be playing?
Drawing by my dad. I did NOT inherit his artistic abilities!

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