Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. I had a startling realization this week that if I intend to start school with Lucy at the beginning of September, I better start working on my curriculum! I decided not to spend the money on a real curriculum, but it's going to be a lot of work to organize my own. I need to spend a day all by myself to work on it instead of trying to squeeze in a little bit of planning during nap time every day. Gotta make that happen . . .

2. I had another bout with depression on Thursday. I don't know what my deal is. On Monday, I massively cleaned the house after a week of ignoring it during VBS. Tuesday we had a "pool party" with a bunch of Lucy's friends, and Wednesday we were busy going to the library and running errands. On Thursday I crashed. I honestly think it's such a fight with selfishness. I feel like I did my duty cleaning the house and doing fun things for the girls so I should be rewarded with a day to do whatever I want. Well that's just ridiculous and selfish. Time to get over it.

3. So we can add a couple more things to our Summer Bucket List [In Reverse]: The pool party with friends (which I don't have a single picture of), today's picnic, and kite flying:

4. We found out this week that our renters bought a house and are planning on moving out by the end of this month! So it's time to sell! Thanks to buying it as a foreclosure when the market was down, we owe quite a bit less than its worth. So if we can sell it quickly and at a decent price, we stand to profit a little bit. Adios, student loans!! I'm going to call a realtor on Monday and get this show on the road. What's funny is that my older sister also just listed her house for sale, and my younger sister is moving out of her apartment at the end of this month. Sisters! So if you know anyone looking for a house is Sparta or Cedar Springs, we've got the hookups! ;-)

5. Last week, I wrote about the funny conversations Lucy had with "Siri" on my phone. Well this week, she figured out the "talk to text" feature. She proceeded to text Niki the most hilarious things ever. It was partly funny because of what she was saying, but more funny to see what my phone thought she was saying. An excerpt:

Eat nice Niki I love you nice Niki for no reason I just love you so much.
Okay p diddy not know tuesday am.
Meant to say Lucy can not do that we did not go to the Asian I did not do any of the stuff that I typed but its so fun to have you and I love you so much and friend Niki.
Then Lucy said something about "I love you forever and we'll be friends forever." Niki responded, "yes we'll be friends forever" and Lucy said, "Until we die?" So Niki answered "Hopefully we'll be together forever and ever in heaven." Lucy responded "Ok when we die I know we'll stick together in heaven with God in every way Monday." The random Monday aside, I thought that was so sweet!

 6. Instagram pictures of the week:
Lucy being her usual diva, crazy, weird self. Haha.
Summer fun: popsicles, chalk, and caterpillars.
Guess who picked out Lena's outfit? Floucy shirt and flouncy skirt. Another trick for grocery shopping day: books! Late night rummy with Luke and Tater. Fun with Libby and her iPad.
Backyard sunset, my Dad's friend the finch who sits outside our window all day, book in the kids' section of the library: Bears: Big Bad Biters. Enough said.  
7. I have a new favorite song: Jesus, Thank You by Sovereign Grace Music. We sang it in church on Sunday and I immediately went home and added it to my Spotify playlist. I'm pretty sure I've listened to it roughly 13,000 times since then. It's just so simple and pure and profound. Listen to it.

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  1. You need to think of something to do every Thursday that you can look forward to!


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