Friday, August 1, 2014

VBS 2014 Recap

We did it! We survived the much anticipated week of VBS! This year, I was in charge of the preschool room. We only provide preschool for the VBS volunteers' kids, so we had 12-14 kids every day. Let me just say I have renewed respect for preschool teachers. I had these kids for 3.5 hours a day and they totally tired me out! Haha. I loved doing it, though, and we had a really great group of kids - no biters, no rebels, no one too cool to do the crafts. We had a blast all week! Here's my recap.

Monday was Noah:
We made a fun paper plate craft, sang "Rise and Shine" visited some goats at the animal pen, and learned that it's important to do what is right.
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Tuesday was Abraham
We did a star sticker craft, learned about God's promises, and sang "Father Abraham" of course!
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Wednesday was Moses
We were highlighting obedience, so we focused on the burning bush and Moses' obedience to God's command. We also talked about Pharoah's disobedience, and how that did not end well for him. Haha. This was my favorite craft of the week:
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Thursday was Rahab
We learned that we can trust God when we're scared, and rely on him to save us - not necessarily from scary things, but from sin. I asked the kids about their fears and loved their responses, we made a fun bead bracelet to remind us that we can trust God when we're scared, and learned a fun song to go with our verse. 
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Friday was Jesus!
I attempted the daunting task of giving 2-4 year olds a brief preview of the life of Jesus, while weaving in the facts about sin, redemption, and salvation. Whew! I found a great salvation object lesson on Pinterest and did a fun craft.
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We also did a bunch of fun water activities on Friday. Be sure to check out the car wash I made. The kids loved it!


  1. Awesome job!! I'd definitely send my kids to your class :)

  2. your kids are lucky to have a mom that puts sooo much effort into teaching them!! I NEVER did that..but Al hadn't invented the internet I'm off the hook!


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