Friday, August 1, 2014

VBS Day 3: Moses

Moses - a Person of Faith Obeys God
Today I’m going to tell you the story of 2 men. First is Pharaoh. He was the king of Egypt and very mean. Let me see your mean faces. Pharaoh was keeping the Israelites as his slaves. He made them stay in Egypt and do all kinds of hard work. They didn’t want to work in Egypt. They wanted to go home to Israel, but Pharaoh wouldn’t let them. Meanwhile, there was a man named Moses. Moses was a good man who loved and obeyed God. Let me see your nice face. One day, Moses was working in the fields, watching his sheep when he saw a bush on fire. But the bush wasn’t burning up! Moses went to look closer at it when he heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Moses!” “What, God?” Moses asked. God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell him to set the people free. Moses thought God must be kidding. He said, “God! Pharaoh is the king! I can’t go talk to him!” But God said, “It’s ok, Moses, I will be with you.” Then Moses said, “But God, I’m not a very good speaker! Shouldn’t you pick someone better?” But God said, “I will give you the words to say.” Moses was scared, but he knew it was always best to obey God. So he went back to Egypt and told Pharaoh, “God says, ‘Let my people go!’” Pharaoh said “Bahahahaha! Moses, you’re crazy! I’m not letting your people go! Get out of here!” But Moses kept telling Pharaoh “God says, ‘Let my people go!’” Pharaoh refused to obey God. So God sent plagues on all of Egypt. First their rivers turned to blood, then frogs filled their whole land, jumping in their beds and on their food. Pretty soon flies and biting gnats filled the land. All the animals died. The people got big painful sores, and locusts came and ate up all their food, but Pharaoh still wouldn’t obey God and let the people go. Finally, the worst plague of all: all the oldest kids in Egypt died. Pharaoh was so mad that his son had died that he yelled, “Fine, Moses! Your people can go! Get them out of here!” So Moses took all the Israelites out of Egypt where they were slaves and started to lead them home. But they came to the Red Sea. It was huge and they couldn’t get across it! The people were all scared. “How are we going to get home, Moses?!” they cried! But Moses knew that God would take care of him. And He did. All of a sudden, the water wooshed up on both sides and made a dry path down the middle for all the people to walk across. The Israelites all made it safely across and could finally go home – all because Moses obeyed God and did what He told him to do.

 Verse: “We will worship and obey the Lord.” Micah 4:5

We re-created our own burning bush out of a baby food jar, tissue paper, and electric tea lights. I wrote each kid's name on the bottom of a baby food jar with permanent marker before-hand. Then I gave them each their jar, a Dixie cup with Elmer's glue in it, a paintbrush, and a pile of red, yellow, and orange tissue paper. The kids did really well with painting on the glue and covering their jar with the tissue paper. After they dried, we plopped in a tea light, turned off the lights, and sang "This Little Light of Mine." Word to the wise: if you buy your tea lights from the dollar store, get a couple extra packages, because a few of them inevitably will not work and there will be melt downs. Haha. While the kids were playing outside, I glued the phrase "I can obey God" on the bottom of each jar. I told the kids that our burning bushes were reminders that we should obey God just like Moses did.
I intended to reinforce the obedience idea with a game of "Simon says," but I totally forgot.

Another Pinterest idea: wet chalk on black paper. I had leftover black paper from our Abraham craft, so I brought in some chalk and let the kids go at it. I didn't think it looked that different when wet that when dry, but the kids loved dipping the chalk in the water. 
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