Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week One Lesson Plans

I have written and re-written these plans like 15 times. But I think this is what I've settled on for our first week of homeschool! It's going to be long. Prepare yourself. (And I did a bunch of copying and pasting from a Word document, so the spacing is kind of messed up. Sorry.)

We're going to start the day after Labor Day when all the public schools start, so our first week is actually shortened. I figure that's a good way to ease into it anyway. To see a more detailed layout of our daily schedule, read my entry here.

Weekly Themes
Letter: Ii (We're just going to focus on the short i sound for now - and we're starting with "i" per Kelly's Abeka curriculum.)
Number: 1
Sight Words: the, and, it
Verse: "Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord." (Luke 2:11 NIRV)

We will review all of the above every morning during circle time.

Alphabet Activity: Igloo match-up, scavenger hunt style
 - I haven't totally figured out the logistics of this yet. I want to hide lowercase letters on "blocks of ice" around the house, then have Lucy match them with uppercase letters on the igloo. Kind of like this:
Picture credit

"I" worksheet from book
 - One of my focuses for this year is to get Lucy to write her letters correctly. I bought some cheap-o letter workbooks from Dollar Tree that have a page for every letter that we'll be working on. 
Link - but don't pay Amazon prices. Go to Dollar Tree and spend $1!
Daily letter, number, sight word work
- I bought "manuscript paper" from Dollar Tree. Every day Lucy's going to write our letter of the week, number of the week and sight words of the week. 

Bible Lesson: Jesus is Born
 - We're doing the New Testament through the Jesus Storybook Bible, which starts with the Christmas story! Haha. We've read this one a few times before, so we're taking a new approach. Instead of focusing on the fact that Jesus came to earth as a baby, we're focusing on why Jesus came to earth. Here's the little blip I wrote that I'll do before we read the Bible story. It doubles as a review of the Old Testament stories we did last year.

- Craft: "Jesus is My Super Hero" cape.
  - We're going to use one of Justin's old t-shirts to make this no-sew cape. I found a reverse clip of a "Super-J" here. I originally planned on printing it on iron-on transfer paper and ironing it to the cape. But transfer paper costs more than I want to pay, so I think I might just make my own stencil for Lucy to paint. That'll be more hands-on for her anyway, since she can't really iron. 

Wednesday is usually going to be our day off. We have Storytime at the library in the morning and Lucy's going to start going to Awana on Wednesday evenings. But since we already have Monday off this week, we're just going to do a shortened day on Wednesday. We'll skip the alphabet activities/writing and just work on one of our "specials" for the week:

Senses: I'm going to find stuff for Lucy to touch, taste, smell, etc. 

-        Touch (blindfolded)
o       What is it?
o       What does it feel like? Hot, cold, wet, sticky, scratchy, smooth?
o       Ice, others – point out which one starts with i
-          Taste
o       Sweet: ice cream
o       Sour: lemon
o       Salty: pickle
o       Bitter: any suggestions that won't totally make Lucy gag?
o       Make chart, point out which word starts with i 
-          Smell (blindfolded)
o       Can you identify the smells?
o       Popcorn, soap, coffee, crayons, play-dough, something that starts with i?
-          Sound
o       Loud, quiet, high, low

-          Sight (not totally sure what to do for this one)

Math Activities:  Inches (because it starts with the letter "i")
   -   Measure stuff, write down how long it is in inches: “The table is ____ __nches long.”
Number “1” worksheet from our math workbook.
Link - again, don't buy this on Amazon. I got it at Sparta Variety for $2.99
Daily letter, number, sight word work

-          Curious George Builds an Igloo
o       Igloo building

o       Point out sight words in book 

Alphabet Activity
-          Alphabet/sight word Bingo
This is from Oriental Trading, but I'm going to make my own - mostly with lowercase letters. Plus the 3 sight words we learned this week. 

Sight word worksheets (from Pinterest)
This packet is $5. Not sure if I'm going to spring for it or just try to make my own.
*Edited to add: I found free worksheets here!*

Daily letter, number, sight word work

Put the sight words we learned on the word-a-pillar:

Special: Senses
-          Sucker taste test: I found an idea on Pinterest that taste tested ice cream. But Lucy's not enough of a ice cream connoisseur to taste differences. Plus, ice cream is expensive! So we're going to do it with dum-dum suckers. Lucy definitely knows her sucker flavors. Ha.
-          Read a book about senses
-         Make a booklet like this:

As of now, I'm not planning based on themes. I'm working off the week's letter and kind of
doing what I want for math and specials. But I'm definitely open to change! We'll see how the first week goes!


  1. Sadie - this looks SO great! Well done!

  2. This looks awesome! Great job :) I did realize however, that we are probably a year behind...Claire is still 3 and we are going to be starting with letters, numbers, writing etc. I did finish my first week but still need to make a couple last decisions and finalize things in electronic format.
    Can't wait to follow along!

  3. This sounds so great!! You're an awesome teacher and you haven't even fully started yet. Hey I recognize that igloo! :) Have you seen my 5 senses storytime? When I did it with my storytime kids we played I Spy for sight.

    1. Carrie, I found your igloo craft by searching for igloos on pinterest! And I totally need to start following your library blog so I can get some good ideas for our literature units!


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