Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Saturday 6

1. We survived our weekend of camping. The girls loved it. I loved spending time with Justin's family. But I still just don't love camping. I wrote about some of the experience in my 13 week pregnancy update if you really care to read about it.
Some of the fam at lunch.
2. We spent Labor Day at home, recovering from camping, and playing cards with my family. Niki taught us how to ply 6 Person Euchre. I am a horrible Michigander and hate euchre, but I actually really liked 6-person. It was very different and fun. We ended up playing 3 games and having a blast.

3. On Tuesday, I decided to get serious about potty training Lena again. She's so ready. She's showing all the signs. She tells me when she pees, asks to be changed, hides when she poops, can hold it for a long time, etc. But she's extremely willful. Lucy wanted to please me and wanted to "be a big girl." She definitely had accidents, but she also had many successes and was excited to use the potty. Lena hates every aspect of it. She hates wearing undies, she hates sitting on the potty chair, she hates talking about it. And I just think she's too stubborn and isn't going to do it until she decides she wants to. I've bribed her up the wazoo, but she doesn't care. She sits on the potty chair because I make her, but I can't make her pee. She never went in the potty chair once this week. She holds it, then pees on the floor. It's making me a little crazy!!

4. I had another ultrasound on Thursday to check on my sub chorionic hematoma. I'm really starting to hate my doctor's office. After my pregnancy with Lena, I swore I was going to change offices, but I'm too lazy and it's too much work. And this one is comfortable. But it's really annoying. It's right next to the hospital, so I have to go all the way downtown for every appointment. (And I hate driving downtown.) It's on the 6th floor, so I have to take the dreaded elevator. (I used to take the stairs, but pregnancy makes me even more out of breath than usual, so I always end up gasping for breath by the time I make it to the top and people think I'm having a heart attack or something.) And the wait times are ridiculous. This week, my ultrasound was scheduled for 11:00. I got there 10 minutes early and they got me right in for the ultrasound. She was done in 10 minutes, then sent me back to the waiting room. I waited in the waiting room for a solid hour before seeing my doctor. And then she literally said, "Everything looks the same with the hematoma. It hasn't changed. Come back in two weeks for another ultrasound." She didn't touch me, didn't examine anything, didn't ask how I was doing or if I have any questions. She talked to me for 30 seconds and busted on to her next patient (who had also probably been waiting for an hour!). I kind of want to ask if I can just go home after the ultrasound next time and have someone call me with the results, instead of waiting an hour for the doctor to tell me nothing has changed. Oy.

5. I got to help in Lucy's classroom for the first time this week. Her Christian school attempts to keep their tuition rates "reasonable" by relying on parents for volunteer work. We're required to put in 20 hours of volunteer hours each year (actually, Justin and I specifically have to do more since we accepted financial aid). I don't want to paint walls or spread woodchips, so I'm getting my time in by helping out in the classroom. I was admittedly nervous about what I'd have to do on Friday, but it was a piece of cake. And I loved getting to know the kids in her class. Lucy thought it was the greatest thing ever that I was there, and it made drop-off a little easier since she knew I'd be back later in the day. I'm hoping to do it every Friday until the baby is born or I get put on bedrest for being a hippo.

6. I read one book this week: Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung. It was number 29 in my 30 before 30, so I only have one to go! (And almost a full month to do it!) But I feel like I can't finish with any old book. I need something really good to end on. Pressure.

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