Sunday, December 20, 2015

The "Saturday" 7

Sorry for the delay. It's that busy time of year! (And I love it!)

1. Advent recap: On Sunday, the girls got to open their special ornament from us. I ended up getting them both the same one this year:
I try to do something that characterizes what they were into that year. They both love helping me in the kitchen, and they always wear their aprons, so I thought this was perfect.

Monday was snow paint (shaving cream and glue). We got out some googly eyes and raisins to decorate our snowmen. Here's Lucy's:

Here's Lena's:
On Tuesday, we made "snowman soup" for the librarians:

And of course, we had to have our own when we got home:
Lucy took a couple sips. Lena guzzled all of hers!
We skipped Wednesday, made Grandma gifts on Thursday, then hit up the gardens on Friday:

2. You know the saying, "It's no use crying over spilled milk?" Well there was some crying this week. Lucy loves to watch YouTube videos on my Mom's Chromebook, and like an idiot - I let her. Well I've gotten really lax and wasn't paying attention and one morning this week, Lucy was sitting on the floor with her breakfast, the Chromebook, and a cup of milk. Sure enough, the milk spilled all over the Chromebook. I cleaned it off as fast as I could, but it was already fried. Long story short, Mom's getting a new Chromebook! Lucy learned a lesson about being careful with technology. And I learned a lesson about letting her use technology while eating/drinking. I will say that I did a good job of not yelling at Lucy. It was an accident and she was as horrified as I was. We had a rational talk about it after the fact, but the rage inside me was boiling!! More at myself than her!

3. Well the next few points are going to be dedicated to VanderKodde Christmas. We did double duty yesterday and had the extended family party in the afternoon, followed by our immediate family gathering that evening. It was a long day, but so much fun. Grandpa and Grandma rented a college cafeteria/gym to cram the whole family into. We ate so much good food, played Bunco, played with cousins, and were showered with gifts. Here's my girls and a bunch of the cousins checking out someone's gift:

4. Then we went back to Justin's parents' for Korean food. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't like anything, but I liked it all and continued to stuff myself! (I brought a box of macaroni for the girls. They won't even eat potatoes. I wasn't about to attempt Korean. Ha.) Justin's parents spoiled us all with gifts.

And Aunt Kaley was in town from Chicago!
It was a long, napless day . . .
Learning the fine art of spirography.
5. I asked for, and got, these 3 books from Justin's mom:

Stay tuned for some riveting book reviews!

6. So here's a depressing one . . . I am so frustrated with my kids' ungratefulness. They opened gift after gift yesterday and every time, I'd say, "What do you say?" They ignored me. So I'd say, "Tell Grandma thank you" and they'd hide their face and act shy. It drives me crazy that they don't say thank you. How can I force it, though? Not let them have another present until they say thank you for the first one? We might sit there all day . . . I prep them before every event. I tell them that they're going to get gifts and they have to say thank you. I explain that even if they don't love the gift, they need to smile and be grateful. Yesterday, they were genuinely thrilled with their gifts and still refused to verbalize their gratitude. Grrrrrr. In serious need of advice.

7. I made a huge list today, left the girls with my parents, and made Justin take me grocery shopping tonight. I'm really hoping I remembered everything and won't have to go back to Meijer this week. All my presents are bought. I took a 2 hour nap from 3:30-5:30 this afternoon, so even though it's 10:30 right now, I'm off to wrap presents, because I won't sleep anyway! It's the most wonderful time of the year and I can't wait for all of this week's festivities!! I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!

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