Sunday, May 29, 2016

Levi: 3 Months

He's really not as bald as these pictures make him look!
Senor Levi is 3 months old and he's finally starting to show some personality! He's smiling a lot and even giggling now and then! Lena never giggled, so I love hearing it from Levi. I think he's starting to recognize me and gets excited to see me. Such a great feeling. 

He loves cooing and talking - especially when I'm changing his diaper. We have many meaningful conversations on the floor in his changing spot. 

He's starting to show a tiny bit of interest in the toys on his playmat. I think he's intentionally batting at them now. 

As I've mentioned in my Saturday 7s, he's an amazing nighttime sleeper. His bedtime is not terribly consistent, but he generally has his last feeding around 8, falls asleep around 9, and sleeps 'til 6ish. I feed him and he almost always goes back to sleep for a couple more hours. Glorious!! During the day, he tends to be awake for about an hour at a time, then naps for an hour or two. I'm a sucker and I hold him until he falls asleep, then carefully transfer him to the swing. Sometimes he gets in cat-nappy moods and will only sleep longer than 10 minutes if I hold him. Which I sometimes do because . . . YOLO!

I'm still swaddling him at night, but not during the day. And at night he sleeps in the Rock N' Play. I'm probably going to keep him in it until he gets too big, and hopefully by then he'll have outgrown his reflux. (I didn't move Lena 'til 6 months and they seem to be on the same growth curve.)

Breastfeeding is going well. He's still eating every 3 hours during the day unless he takes a long nap. He eats in about 20 minutes. He just finished a two week dose of antibiotics for thrush and we're both feeling much better. It's finally painless and easy. Whew! 

I do think he's puking less. He's definitely still a spewer, but the volume and frequency has decreased. And I think he's happier for it. People ask me all the time if he's an easy baby. I'm not sure I'd go that far! Haha. He has his moments. Sometimes he'll be content for hours, sometimes he fusses for hours. You never know what you're going to get! Haha. But he very rarely screams in pain anymore. If he fusses, he usually has a reason for it. 

Size newborn hat is still too big.. (See! He doesn't have a huge head!)
I haven't weighed him very recently, but last I checked he was almost 11 pounds. Growing slowly but surely! I finally packed away the newborn sleepers. He's still wearing some newborn onesies, but 3 month onesies fit now too. 3 month shirts are a little big, 3 month pants are huge, 3 month shorts are gappy at the waist, but he still wears them because I'm not going to buy newborn at this point. Still in size one diapers, and probably will be for a while.
3 month shirt. Newborn pants.
I've decided part of the reason he's not gaining weight very fast is because he burns off his calories faster than he takes them in. He is constantly in motion. If he's not sleeping, he's kicking his legs or flailing his arms. People comment on it all the time. Haha. 

I just looked back at Lena's 3 month update. She had a major bald spot by this age. Levi's is hardly noticeable . . . but he had way less hair to begin with. I do think his head is getting a little flat, but the doctor wasn't concerned and I've been trying to be more diligent with tummy time. He doesn't mind being on his tummy, but he doesn't really lift up his head, he just lays it down and sucks on his hand. Haha. 

I love watching him grow, but sad to see the newborn phase slipping away. Just gotta keep having babies, I guess! ;-)

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