Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Belated Saturday 7

I seem to have forgotten about the Saturday 7 this week. Oops! I sat down to write it a couple of times, but it's really hard to type while holding a baby . . . and that's pretty much all I do. I'll see if I can come up with a few things now while he's in bed.

1. My nephew is doing great after brain surgery. He came home on Wednesday with a PICC line in his arm for six weeks of IV antibiotics. He also came home with a blood clot from the PICC line, so has to have twice daily injections of a blood thinner in his stomach. So his ordeal isn't over yet, but the hole in his head is healing nicely and he's happy to get back to his life. Thanks for your prayers!

2. One day this week my mom came home with 3 gift bags brimming with gifts for my kids. She had been to lunch with her cousin Krindi - who was a second mother to me growing up. Krindi made Levi a beautiful blanket, and showered my girls with feather boas and craft kits, too! They were so excited. And I love the blanket so much. I can't imagine the hours she put into it. It is huge and heavy and gorgeous - and I'm afraid to let my pukey baby lay on it. Haha.
He actually puked on it right before this picture.
3. Lucy finished her first year of Sparkies (AWANA) on Wednesday. She got a ribbon for finishing her whole book (which basically entails memorizing a lot of verses). She was so proud - as are we!
She was also extremely hot from being on the stage under the lights. Haha.
4. Yesterday, I was suddenly inspired to clean this disastrous house. I picked up and vacuumed, wiped down counters, organized craft supplies, even cleaned both of the girls' rooms! I think I got more done yesterday than I have in the past 3 months combined. Lol. I forgot to get an after pic, but here are a couple before pictures of Lucy's room:
5. I've run out of shows to watch on Netflix while I'm nursing, so I'm starting "The Office" again. Man, I forgot how much I love that show. And it's been so long since I've seen season one that I can't really remember when/how Jim and Pam get together. I find myself watching it at 4 in the morning after Levi's done nursing and sleeping on my lap. I have to tell myself, "No! You need to be in bed! You've seen this before! Sleep, woman! Sleep is more important than the Office!"

6. Not going to make it to seven today. Here are some pictures from the week:
Lena, Levi, and I visited Tate before he left the hospital. Lena and Tater enjoyed some Jell-O and cartoons together. Haha.
Lucy was scared of the thunderstorm one night, so she plugged her headphones into her radio to drown out the noise, then fell asleep like this. Haha. 
Sisters reading together.
Lola loves laundry day
Getting comfy, watching cartoons on my Kindle
Trying out the playmat. I just love his little round head!
Finally captured a smile!!

We have a crazy busy week ahead of us, so maybe next week's Saturday 7 will be a little more exciting. Stay tuned. 

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