Saturday, February 5, 2011

7 Quick Takes Saturday

Thank you for all your input on my "eating" entry below. I definitely appreciate it! Now, on to the quick takes:

1. Justin and I enjoyed a snow day on Wednesday thanks to the much anticipated "Blizzard of 2011."  It was like a Saturday in the middle of the week!  Lucy was up at 7:30, so there wasn't much sleeping in, but we enjoyed cinnamon rolls, then snuggled on the couch watching "The Blindside" when she went down for her nap.  There was hot chocolate, cleaning, and tromping through the 18 inches we reportedly got to take pictures of the snow.

2. We are getting our "new" fridge today.  I am so excited!!! We have been living without a fridge for 12 days and it is such a pain! For a while, we had things out on the deck, but with the aforementioned blizzard we moved everything to the garage so it wouldn't get covered in snow.  It works for some things - the cheese stayed cold, the condiments are fine.  But anything liquid just froze - namely the milk.  So we bring the milk inside to thaw, but then I feel like it's been sitting out too long and has gone bad.  Haha.  We've been eating out a ton just because it's impossible to meal plan.  I did make lasagna on Monday, and we ate it for dinner the next two nights too! Haha. All that's to say, I can't wait to have a functioning fridge again!!!!

3. I got Family Circle magazine in the mail yesterday.  I never subscribed to Family Circle.  This is not the 1st time something like this has happened.  A month or so ago I got an email thanking me for my order of FamilyFun magazine.  It had my name and address but no payment information.  I checked my credit card statement - I was never charged for it.  I've yet to receive that one, but supposedly it's coming.  So weird.  I don't mind!  I love magazines!

4. This week I put together something that I call the "naughty bowl" for Lucy.  Haha. It's a plastic kitchen bowl filled with things she thinks are naughty.  Isn't it amazing how even babies know what they're not supposed to play with?  This particular bowl has my old cell phone, an empty Altoids container, a coaster, and puzzle pieces from a chunky puzzle she's never seen before.  She loves it!

5. Oh! I can't believe I didn't think of this 'til number 5.  Lucy is FINALLY sleeping through the night!!! One night this week I fed her at 7:30 as usual, and just went to bed instead of dream feeding her.  I was worried she'd wake up around 4 screaming to eat, but honestly I don't think she really nurses in the night because she's hungry - it's mostly just a habit.  My suspicions were confirmed: she did not make a peep all night and I had to wake her up at 6:30 to feed her before work!!  My other worry was how it would affect me, but I had nothing to be concerned about.  [TMI coming up.] I was definitely full, but not painfully engorged and I hadn't leaked at all during the night - just another reason I don't think she was eating much during the dream feed.  Woohoo!!

6. I am actually going to combine numbers 6 and 7 because this next one is going to be very long.  Fasten your seatbelts.

Last night, Justin, Libby, Lucy, and I went to Rio Grande.  As I was getting Lucy out of the carseat in the freezing cold, my phone started ringing.  I couldn't reach it so I just ignored it and checked it when we got in the restaurant.  It was Niki.  So I put in our name and sat down to call her back.  I could tell as soon as she answered that she was upset.  But I just figured she was mad that her kids did something naughty or her coupons didn't work at the grocery store, so I jokingly said, "Oh man, what's wrong."  She answered, "Ty got in a bad car accident."

I immediately felt the blood leave my face and my heart drop to my stomach.  My first thought was, "We're already in Grand Rapids. We can be to the hospital in 15 minutes."  But she quickly followed her first statement with, "He's fine."  Whew! Talk about relief!

God totally saved our Tyler (my oldest nephew for anyone who doesn't know).  The whole situation is colored with God's care.  The accident happened about a quarter mile from my parents' house (he was headed there) and my mom happened to be home at the time.  She made it to Tyler before the police even got to the scene.

Ty got caught in a snow drift (the roads are still bad out by my parents' house), hit some ice and spun out of control.  He hit an oncoming car head on, sending him out into the cornfield.  The other guy's car was so smashed it required the jaws of life to remove him from his vehicle!  But both Ty and the other guy walked away with cuts and bruises!!!

The driver of the other car was super nice and understanding and even told the police he was impressed with Ty for running right over to him to see if he was ok and apologizing profusely for hitting him.

There is so much more to the story about how God worked in so many different areas, but it was a very bad accident that could have had much more catastrophic results.  We are so thankful Ty is ok, and so thankful he won't have to live with the guilt of killing someone else.

So thank you, thank you Lord!!
The other car

Ty's Jeep


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad Ty is ok. That must have been SO scary. Wow.

    Besides that you had some great news! It's sooo nice the Lucy is sleeping through the night!! Doesn't it feel great? Enjoy your new fridge :)

  2. Wow! So glad Ty is okay!!! So terrifying...


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