Saturday, February 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes Saturday

1. We've been watching 30 Rock via Netflix.  Not as funny as "The Office," but I'm enjoying it.  Kenneth is my fave. :-)

2. The kids were really sick this week.  Lyla's fever got as high as 104* at one point and even 4 days into her sickness, her fever only got as low as 99.5* and she was still refusing to eat - which is a big deal because she's usually a voracious eater.  I'm just praying Lucy doesn't get it. Ugh.

3. It was an awful week.  I had to work 4, ten hour days, the kids were sick and cranky, and it was yet another week of temperatures in the teens.  Blech.  I don't know how much more of winter I can take!!! Thanks be to God, we're supposed to have a heat wave next week.  40 degrees here we come!!!!

4. Something that helped me through my awful week was . . . coffee! I finally bought a coffee pot on clearance for $20 last weekend.  I had to get the manual out to figure out how to actually make a pot of coffee, but it was a success!  I even figured out how to program it to start while I'm in the shower every morning and bought a travel mug to bring it to work with me every day.  And my fabulous sister gave me some free caramel white chocolate creamer.  Delicious! And chock full of caffeinated goodness!

5. Fun fact about me: I wear tights under my jeans every day in the winter. I cannot stand being cold!

6. I made Valentines with Lyla yesterday while Chase was at pre-school.  She picked out a sticker or die-cut and glued it onto the page and I thought of a clever phrase to go with it.  She put a princess crown on her dad's card, so I wrote "You're the King of my Heart."  She covered her mom's card with little jewels so I wrote, "You're a Real Gem!" For her oldest brother Austin, we cut out a heart from red felt and wrote "With Heartfelt Love."  For brother Brandon, she picked a die-cut of the moon, so I added "I'm Over the Moon for You!"  And in similar fashion, for Chase she picked a star die-cut.  I suggested a few more star stickers, and wrote "You're a Star!"  Oh so creative. ;-)

7. Lucy clapped on her own today for the first time.  My little prodigy. :-)



  1. Ugh, sick kids are the worst, especially when they aren't your own. (Or maybe that's better because at the end of the day you can pawn them off on someone else? Although 10 hours days... Yeesh.) I hope everyone is on the mend and that Lucy hangs in there!

    Have you heard of cuddl duds? They are super warm and comfy but also super thin long underwear that I think you'd like even better than tights/nylons. My mom swears by them. Hers are leopard print. (Not too sure how I feel about that though...)

  2. We love 30 Rock! Kenneth is my favorite too :) Not a fan of the Office though... it's so awkward it makes me feel uncomfortable :P

    I hope this week is better and I HOPE Lucy doesn't get sick!! I'm so over winter too. We're planning on riding the heat wave to the zoo on Friday!!

    Love your Valentines! You ARE so clever!

    Aw, yay for clapping!! That's the cutest.

  3. I wear tights too! Though this year I've gotten into leggings - as long as I wear socks that cover my ankles, they're even warmer than tights - and more comfortable! I remember in high school, when it was warm enough for most people to wear shorts, I just stopped wearing tights under my jeans...


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