Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Lucy Update

I know I need to get my Prayer Part 2 post up, but I just haven't had enough time to devote to it.  So here's a quick Lucy update instead.

She had her 9 month check up today. Here are the stats:
Weight: 17.5 lbs
Height: 28"
The doctor said she's right around the 50th percentile for both.  Pretty average.  The doctor also said she sees a tooth coming in!  Her bottom left.  Although I don't see it at all.  Haha.  I actually had a dream last night that all of a sudden she had 3 teeth and I was so sad I didn't document any of them coming in.  She has a bad cough, but the doctor said as long as she doesn't spike a fever she'll be ok.  Poor kid.

After the doctor we went to Target where I finally bought her a convertible carseat.  I noticed when we were in Traverse City this weekend that sometimes the straps of her infant seat slip off her shoulders because she's getting too big.  They're loosened and raised as far as they go, so it's definitely time to move on up.  (The height limit is 27" anyway.)  I got the Cosco Scenera (on sale) which seems so cheap, but everything I've read says it's just as safe as many others.  And she can stay rear facing in it until 40 lbs - although she'll probably be in 4th grade by that time.

I also bought her some sippy cups with handles at Target.  She likes to gnaw on the cups she has now, but can't really figure out how to hold them.  I want to wean her by the time she's 1, so she needs to start getting comfortable with a cup.  She loves the new ones already and holds them much better.

Speaking of weaning . . . I was a bad mom today and totally forgot to nurse her. Lol.  I nursed her at 11:45, then her doctor's appointment was at 3 and I got distracted by Target and all that and totally forgot to nurse her again after 4 hours like usual.  I decided I'd see how long she'll go.  She's just now starting to get fussy (5:50 - so 6 hours!).  I've been wondering for a while if she's ready to start dropping a feeding.  It looks like she might be . . .

Well now she's trying to climb up the couch to get to me, so I better go tend to her.  :-)



  1. She's perfect! But you already knew that ;) She's the same height as O was at that age, but he only weighed 17lbs 1oz... 5th percentile. Poor skinny child.

    That's the car seat we have! I really like it :)

    Hope you can meet your sippy cup/ weaning goals. It sounds like you're doing great.

  2. Stick your finger on her gums and press down. I bet you'll FEEL the tooth before you see it. Or you'll feel it when she's nursing, haha. But don't let teething/biting make you wean early; there are ways to correct that behavior! :)

    Lucy will get the hang of sippies soon. This might be messier, but I started out Hannah on the typical Gerber sippies with handles but without the valve in it. She learned very quickly that she'd be "rewarded" if she tipped the cup. Once she got the hang of tipping, we started using the valves more often to prevent spills as she wandered around the house with the cup.

  3. More expensive doesn't equal safer when it comes to carseats...yay for one that can be rear-facing to a higher weight limit:) Nice to find a good deal too!
    Devra always called me the "tooth whisperer" because I could see Ellis' teeth coming in a few days before they actually poked through...but I didn't have the same skill with my own child!:)
    Then a couple weeks ago we were out with good friends, and their baby smiled at me and I said "You have a tooth coming in soon!" and my friend was like "Yeah, I don't see anything yet" but sure enough she e-mailed 2 days later "She has a tooth! Right where you saw it!" No idea why my "gift" didn't work on my own child;)

    I agree, don't let teeth coming in get in the way of nursing...B actually didn't ever bite me until she was much older...and had way more teeth;)

    Oh, there were many times I forgot to nurse B if we were out and about...then all of the sudden I'd go "Oh my gosh, you must be hungry!" She wouldn't complain (this was when she was more like Lucy's age, not a newborn:), so I would just forget! Once we were out doing a bunch of shopping and eating out with Jay, and it was basically all day that she didn't nurse...I felt like such a terrible mom, but she was fine, didn't mind at all, so oh well!:)


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