Thursday, February 10, 2011

9 Month Update!

3/4 of the way to a year!!! Here's what Lucy Lou has been up to.  I feel like this was a big month for her.  I have a lot of notes written down. (Sorry about the spacing issues - stupid blogger.)

As mentioned in my previous entry, Lucy is finally sleeping through the night!!! We are done with the dream feed and done with CIO.  She is just plain sleeping for 10-12 hours at night.  It is amaaazing!  She's actually a great sleeper.  She usually takes a morning nap around 8:30 and an afternoon nap around 1:30.  Most of the time she lays right down and goes to sleep without a fuss, and usually sleeps about 2 hours.  At night, Justin puts her pajamas on, then I nurse her, sing the same 4 songs, do our bed time prayer, and lay her down awake on her belly.  She has one binky in her mouth and 2 in her bed (one for each hand).  I cover her with her blanket and she scooches her knees until her booty is sticking up in the air, then tucks her arms underneath her, turns her head to the side and goes to sleep.  So precious. 

Thanks again for all the suggestions in that last post.  I'm feeling a bit more confident that I'm doing the right thing.  :-)  Right now she's eating 3 meals a day.  Some of her favorites include bread of any kind, yogurt melts, cheese, and lil crunchies.  If she doesn't like something or gets bored, she starts throwing food on the floor.  (She and Lola are becoming fast friends because of this.) She's also good at picking what she likes out of whatever's on her tray.  The other day I gave her cut up green beans and cheese.  She pushed all the green beans out of the way and ate every single piece of cheese.  Another funny quirk: she only eats with her left hand. I have no idea if this is any indication of her future "handed-ness," but I'd be very surprised if she's left-handed.  No one in our families is left handed.  
Some new things we've tried recently: blueberries, grapes, grilled cheese, and turkey. (All winners!) I bought an avocado, cut it open and tasted a bite . . . and nearly puked.  It was so nasty!! It tasted like bad breath.  Did I just get a bad one or what?  Gag. I also bought some broccoli, but I haven't tried that yet.  

We're still feeding her baby food 2-3 times a day.  When does that stop?

Lucy has made some big strides this week.

1. Waving - she's been working on doing something with her hand for a while, but just finally figured out how to open and close her fist to make a waving motion.  I'm not sure she totally understands the purpose of waving, but she loves to wave at anyone and anything (Lola, Justin, the fridge, the floor, etc.)  She's so proud of herself.  She loves all the praise and attention!

2. Talking on the Phone - she just started putting the phone up to her ear.  It is so adorable!! There are a ton of toy phones at Chase and Lyla's house and anytime she finds one, she puts it up to her ear and kind of cocks her head to the side.  I love it!!

She is babbling all the time.  I still don't think she's really saying any words, but her most common sounds are dada, baba, and yaya.  She also likes to whisper tata and papa.  Any time she's awake in the car she is talking to herself.  I can't wait for her to start saying some real words!

One milestone she still is not close to achieving: teeth.  Not even a hint of teeth on the horizon! I finally dug out my baby book and discovered that my first tooth didn't pop through until 3 days after my first birthday! So she probably has a ways to go as well.  Fine by me!

Right now, Lucy is a major Mama's girl.  I have to be in her line of vision at all times.  Church is where this becomes most apparent.  She usually goes into nursery fine and is distracted by the kids and new toys for a while.  But I always get called out of the service after about an hour.  And then when church is done and I bring her out to see my family, she just clings to me and bawls if anyone tries to take her from me.  Even at home, she won't let Justin hold her half the time and twists herself out of his arms to get to me.  I love that she loves me, but feel bad for all the people who love her and want to hold her! Hopefully it will be a quickly passing phase. 

In our monthly installment of "what Lucy's afraid of this month" we have: dogs.  I think it started New Year's Eve at Paul and Missy's house.  They have the sweetest golden retriever, Nina.  She's such a good dog, but got excited every time someone opened the front door and would start barking.  Lucy startled and cried every time, but loved Nina anytime she wasn't barking.  Since then, though, she freaks out anytime she sees a dog.  Her arms and legs flail, her eyes get huge, and she starts shrieking.  Poor scared baby.

The number one thing I have to say about her personality, though, is that she is such a sweet, happy girl.  She is usually so content to play on the floor with her toys.  She always has a big smile for me, and has the deepest laugh.  She's super ticklish and loves to play peek-a-boo.  She's a very fast army crawler.  She loooves Lola.  When she gets excited she seriously pants like a dog.  Haha.  She's starting to enjoy reading books - especially touch and feel books.  

Her new thing is opening the kitchen cabinets.  (Locks are bought and waiting to be installed.)  I've been working on telling her "no" firmly and removing her from the situation when she opens the cabinets or plays with the computer cords.  But she looks up at me and smiles and it cracks me up!  Haha.  

She is seriously the light of my life.  I can't believe she'll be 1 in 3 months!!!


  1. Hannah always used to eat with her left hand too! I don't know when that changed though, because now she uses her right hand for everything. And seriously, I don't think that was a bad avocado. They are just nasty (unless they're in guacamole). But some babies just love them. Gag. I think you'll know when she's done with the baby food. Hannah completely lost interest once she really got the hang of feeding herself and would be furious whenever we tried to feed her baby food. Enjoy those two naps a day while they last! I don't remember when Hannah grew out of her morning nap but man, I miss that...

  2. Sorry my dog scarred your child for life... :(


  3. Oh, I LOVE avocados, so I think you must have gotten a bad one...but maybe you just don't like them?:)

    I love your fun to be able to picture what she's up to these days:)

    When you ask about baby food, do you mean like pureed baby food? It just kind of faded out for us, as she got more into picking things up and we started giving her a spoon to try to use herself, pretty early.

    We still occasionally debate whether B is left or right handed -- she seems to be using her right more often, but every once in a while she'll go back to using her left more for some things. My mom is left handed, so she's always excited about the potential:)

    Love the babbling stage -- talking is awesome too, of course!:)

    B didn't get her first tooth until 8 the bottom 2 pretty close together at that point and then didn't get any more until right before she turned 1. It's amazing the wide range of normal for that -- one of B's friends here got his first teeth at 3 months and by age 1, he had about 10, I think...crazy!

  4. Can't believe she's 9 months old! She's so cute and sounds like such a fun baby :)

    I'm so glad she's STTN for you!! Orion sleeps in that position a lot too- SOOO cute!

    The things she's doing are so fun. It still cracks me up when O talks on the phone.

    Love love love :) Wish you guys were closer so we could come see you!!


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