Saturday, February 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes Saturday

1. Valentine's Day - I am not one of those people who writes this day off as a "Hallmark Holiday," but neither do we go all out in celebration of it.  Mostly just because we're broke.  Anyway, this year, Justin made me dinner: steak, twice baked potatoes, and maple glazed carrots!  He got out the cookbook and everything!  It was muy delicioso! We ate by candle light after Lucy went to bed to make it oh so romantic. ;-)  Oh, and our gift to each other was a new antenna to go on the roof that is supposed to help us get more than 2 TV channels!  Woohoo!  Lucy got hair clips and yogurt melts. :-)  

2. On Tuesday, we went to Kohl's to take advantage of their Valentine's Day markdowns and my sister's 30% off coupon.  I want to be one of those moms who goes all out for holidays with decorations and crafts and the like. :-)  This year Lucy didn't really care, but next year we're going to deck out the house!  So we got some decorations for super cheap.  Woohoo!

3. Lucy is eating tons of people food lately and loving it.  We had chili a couple days ago and she loved the kidney beans.  Last night she was a bottomless pit.  We fed her a jar of green beans, kidney beans, turkey from the chili, carrots, cornbread, grapes, and yogurt melts!  She gobbled it all down with abandon.  (And made a huge mess!)

4. She also really got the hang of clapping this week.  She does it all the time now and is so proud of herself. :-)  She's also been pulling up on her knees a ton.  Mostly to get into things she's not supposed to:

This is the one cupboard at Chase and Lyla's house without a  lock.  Fortunately it's just plastic bowls and plates.

5. I got a new phone this week.  It has a touch screen which I'm still getting used to, but so far I really like it.  Of course, I had to leave it at work yesterday.  It's such an odd feeling not having my cell phone.  I was driving home when I realized I didn't have it, and my first thought was to call Beth and ask her if I left it there. Uhh, how am I going to call her without my phone?  Then I thought I should text Niki to let her know I didn't have it and not to text me.  Duh, can't text without it.  So weird.  Anyway, I actually don't have to work Monday or Tuesday next week, so I'm going to go pick it up today.  I'm not going to live without it 'til Wednesday!

6. I've been loving having my own coffee maker.  Some people say to give up pop and caffeine and you'll notice an influx in energy.  I'm doing the opposite with the same result - adding more caffeine to my diet has given me so much more energy!  Haha.  I honestly am not as tired during the day.  (Maybe it's the placebo effect, but either way - it's working!) And I don't have any trouble falling asleep at night. My only complaint is that I feel like I smell like coffee all day.  It doesn't matter how much gum I chew or what I eat.  I think the smell is coming out of my pores!

7.  I read in the Rockford Independent that the new Goodwill in Cedar Springs opened yesterday.  I'm excited to go check it out today!  My new thing is that I'm going to start buying Lucy at least one book a month.  Last month I got her a few "Baby Faces" books from the dollar store.  She loves them.  This month I'm looking for lift the flap books, animal sounds books, and body part books (haha - as in: where's your nose?).  I read her a lift the flap book at work sometimes and she loves it!  Most books don't hold her attention as long as that one does.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures in this post.  I literally took a nap in the time it took them to upload. Lol.  Until next time . . .


  1. I lost my comment :( This is the abbreviated version...

    Your Valentines dinner looks fabulous!! Yay Justin!

    Lucy is learning lots of fun stuff! Babies are so good at making messes :) Love that she's missing a sock!

    Flap books and animal sound books are the best :)

  2. I LOVE her shirt in the one where she's looking in the cabinet:)
    Buying a book a month is a great idea! I hope you blog about what you find:)

  3. Cara, I'm pretty sure my mom got that shirt on uber-clearance at Kohl's. :-) And you bet I'll be blogging about my book finds!


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