Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

To celebrate 6 years of wedded bliss, Justin surprised me by planning a weekend trip. We dropped Lucy off at my parents' on Thursday night. It was admittedly difficult, but she had a blast and didn't miss us at all!

Our first stop was Cadillac. Justin and I spent a day there when we were dating (7 years ago!), so he thought it'd be fun to kind of re-create that date. We stayed at McGuire's hotel which was really nice. [We did not stay at a hotel on our original date. ;-)] We ordered room service from their in-house restaurant. It was quite disappointing. But it was fun having it delivered right to our room!

The next day, we slept in to our heart's content. (Not really - we had to check out by 11, and we both can sleep in way later than that!) Then we hit the town. Downtown Cadillac was having sidewalk sales. We decided to park the car and walk around, and my first thought was "do we have the stroller?" Haha. Funny how ingrained that kind of thing is. Anyway, we had fun just taking our time browsing through all the little shops - candy stores and bookstores and fun antique stores and vintage shops. We spent the most money in the candy shop! Haha. Justin got white chocolate covered oreos and I got a bear claw (chocolate covered cashew cluster) and a dark chocolate coconut macaroon thingy. Delicious!! And we got a fabulous book at the bookstore: Lucy's Christmas. It was on clearance for $2.98! My parents actually bought Lucy's Summer when they were up north recently. This is another one in the same series. So exciting! The bookstore also had a book with the name Sadie in the title, but it was about a dog, so I refused to buy it!

By the time we finished shopping we were hungry, so we looked up some restaurants in a little booklet we picked up at one of the stores. We got a little lost due to construction, but thanks to Justin's killer navigational skills, made it to the restaurant we wanted: Lakeside Charlie's. It was right on Lake Mitchell. I got the buffet, which had an amazing corn chowder, and Justin had a really good burger.

Justin posing with Lakeside Charlie.
After lunch, we decided to look for the bowling alley we bowled at 7 years ago. We drove around for a while and actually found it! It looks exactly the same. Unfortunately, our bowling skills have gone downhill since we were in high school. We were horrible. But we had fun anyway. :-)

We walked around the lake for a while. (Another thing we did on our original date.)

We went to a nice little beach and swam for a while. Then we headed to destination number 2: Traverse City! Thanks to the hospitality of our amazing friends, Paul and Missy, we were able to stay with them for free. We hung out with them on Friday night - Olive Garden and the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love.  The movie was really good. We all enjoyed it! It was hilarious and touching and there were a couple crazy twists none of us predicted! We finished off the night with some delicious ice cream and some good talks and laughs. I got attacked by their cat that night and have a ginormous bruise/scrape on the back of my leg. Haha. I think he just wanted me to have something to remember him by.

This morning, we slept in again, got donuts for breakfast (at like 11:30 am), then spent the day shopping. Justin wanted to get 2 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, and a swimsuit. He got them all. I got 2 tank tops and a pair of jeans. That's just how it goes in our household. Haha. We ate at the food court, packed up, and hurried home to see our baby!

We had a great weekend. It was really nice to hang out together. And it was nice to eat at a restaurant without trying to entertain a toddler, to not have to worry about sippy cups and binkies and nap times. But we both really missed Lucy. We got back to my parents' at 7:30 tonight to pick her up, and she couldn't care less that we were there. Haha. She had a blast with them all weekend. We let her stay up an hour past her bedtime just because we wanted to be with her tonight. It's amazing how much we love that little girl. :-)

Well congrats to anyone who made it to the end!! If you haven't seen the Saturday 7 yet, it's below this entry. :-) 

Love to the masses,


  1. I made it to the end!! Perfect weekend! We feel the same way when we leave's bittersweet! I have to talk myself through it "this is good for Matt and me, which is good for Presley to have her parents bond..." We're quite attached too. ;o) Glad you had fun. And Dexter is evil!! haha...Remember when he chased me up their stairs attacking my legs? Scary!!

  2. Happy anniversary!! It is crazy how time flies... 6 years already?! I'm glad you had a fun trip and that Lucy did OK. I'm going to start hinting to Nathan to plan our anniversary trip next year ;)


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