Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. I read a book this week.  Learning by Karen Kingsbury.  It's the sequel to Leaving and part of the Bailey Flanigan series.  It was pretty cheesy.  I doubt most of my readers would like it. But I like that stuff now and then. :-) 2 books down, 8 to go. I seriously only have like one more chapter of Spiritual Parenting.  I really like it, I just feel like I have to have the time to devote to sitting down, really reading it, taking notes, etc.

2. Speaking of parenting . . . I'm pretty sure I win the "Worthless Mother Award" this week.  I felt awful all week and spent most of my time languishing on the couch.  They say moms don't get sick days.  I've always taken that to mean the moms are the ones suffering - they still have to take care of their kids while they're feeling awful.  But the kids suffer too. :-(

3. My mouth is finally doing better.  Day 6 after surgery was the turning point.  We went to Big Boy and I ordered a big plate of pancakes.  I was so hungry, that I just chowed them down without really thinking and realized that it didn't hurt! The next day I ate pretty much whatever I wanted . . . but I've been paying for it since then. My jaw is severely locked up.  I had TMJ pretty badly in high school.  The recent "trauma" to my jaw is making it flare back up. So annoying!

4. Yesterday, I was suddenly stricken with a horrendous stomach bug.  This is probably TMI, but I had horrible diarrhea.  My abs are still sore from the convulsions.  It was awful.  Between my puking last Saturday, hardly eating all week, and diarrhea yesterday, you'd think I'd have lost more than 3 or 4 pounds! Oh well.  I'll take it.  Although I fully intend to gain it all back this weekend with the good holiday eating!  I'm still feeling pretty queasy today. The partying starts tomorrow and I better be back to normal!

5. I realized this week how smart Lucy is. Haha. She is really starting to understand things.  Yesterday, I was laying on the floor in agony and said to her "Where's my phone? Go get my phone."  I didn't think she'd really do it, but she ran into the living room, searched for a while, and came back with my cell phone! Granted, it was my old cell phone that I let her play with, but I was still impressed that she knows what a phone is!

6. Kelly and Presley came over for a play date on Thursday. The girls don't really play together, yet.  Mostly they fight over toys and play independently. But everyone knows a play date just an excuse for moms to get together and have some adult conversation!! We put the girls down for a nap and pulled out the scrapbooking stuff.  I got 4 pages done.  But we still haven't even left the hospital yet. Haha. I really need to get crackin' if I'm going to meet my summer goal of finishing Lucy's 1st year!

7. My house is so trashed. I've been doing the bare minimum throughout the week - dishes when we run out of spoons, laundry when we run out of underwear.  But the bathroom really needs to be scrubbed, the fridge needs to be cleaned out, etc, etc. It's amazing to me how 3 people can make such a huge mess.  Haha.

Well that's all for today. Hopefully next week, I'll have less sickness to report!!


  1. I know what you mean about those Karen Kingsbury books. :) I haven't started this most recent series of her's, but I've read a lot of the ones that come before it... cheesy, yeah. But an easy read.

    Abby is starting to understand stuff too! Rocky just told me the other day they were in her bedroom and she was looking sleepy (naptime) and he told her to go get her blanket. She walked into the living room and came back dragging her blanket. :) So fun!

    Oh scrapbooking? I think the book I've been working on for Abby is full. And we're only through her 3-month bday. :-P

    Glad to hear you're feeling better! Hopefully you have a better week this week!!

  2. I'm sorry you have that stomach bug... pretty sure that's what sent me into labor. Hope you feel better soon, both tummy and teeth!


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