Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 Year Update Addendum

I thought of a few things I forgot to mention in Lucy's 3 Year Update.

1. She is just now starting to sprout her 2 year molars! We're late bloomers around here. Her fingers are always in her mouth lately, so I took a peek - sure enough, one of her lower molars is starting to poke through. Only one so far! The good news is they don't seem to be hurting her. She's always been a pretty easy teether. Hopefully Lena will follow suit!

2. She has a nasty cold right now - complete with chest rattling cough and disgusting runny nose. The kid can not figure out how to blow her nose. She either blows with her mouth or sucks the snot back in. Haha. Her preferred method of snot removal is using her right arm to swipe under her nose and across her cheek. She has a perpetual snot trail on her right cheek (and forearm). Totally the Wal-Mart child I swore I wouldn't have.

3. Another of her quirks I wanted to record is her propensity for making lists. I think she partially has my planning/list making personality, but she's also been largely influenced by my dad who makes himself a "note" every day (his to-do list.) Lucy is always making notes and lists. And she loves any kind of paperwork. She always wants my grocery receipts, and she recently found an old bulletin that entertained her for days. She calls it her "directions," carries it around everywhere, and loves making notations on it. Haha.

4. One of her favorite games is "sleepover." It's also my favorite game. She makes me lay in her bed and go to sleep. I can handle that! She covers me up, puts on a CD, reads me a book, gives me a kiss, then tells me in her most authoritative voice, "Go to sleep." Part of the game is that I have to call for her every minute or so and ask for a drink or a kiss or another book. She thinks it's hilarious when I act like she does at bedtime. And she takes great delight in giving me an exasperated sigh and saying, "What do you need now?!" I wonder where she gets that from. Haha.

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