Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. Lucy got this book for her birthday from Great Grandpa and Grandma.
It came with a CD of a little girl reading the stories. Lucy listens to it during every nap and every night before bed, and she seriously has every story memorized. It is amazing. I really need to get her a CD of Bible verses or something!

2. I made another fabulous pinterest recipe this week. Smoky Chicken Pasta. It was very similar to some other recipes I've made from plainchicken, but I still loved it. It was very bad for us, though. Lots of heavy cream, butter, and cheese. Which leads me to my next point . . .

3. The diet is not going very well. Haha. We had Olive Garden on Sunday as a belated Mother's Day celebration. Monday night was Bible Study potluck where I ate way too much good food. We had that fattening smoky chicken pasta on Thursday, and KFC on Friday. Oh, and Wednesday night I had a small bowl of ice cream, followed by 2 of those Grandma's chocolate chip cookies you get from the gas station. It was 400 calories for both of them, and I didn't even care. I just chowed them down. Ugh. No self control.

4. Also, I didn't run once this week. My run last Saturday consisted of 2, 2 minute runs (separated by 4 minutes of walking). The last minute really killed me and I got totally defeated about ever being able to do more than that. Plus it rained a lot this week, we were busy, I didn't have anyone to watch the girls while I ran, it was really hot, it was really cold . . . excuses, excuses. Despite all my laziness, though, I did lose one pound. Small victories.

5. Justin, Lucy, and Lena all had awful colds this week. Justin actually had it the worst, which is very unlike him. He never gets very sick. He was hacking his guts out, though, and blowing his nose every 15 seconds. Lena got a pretty mild case, but it was still so sad hearing her cough. :-( Miraculously, I never got it. I always get everything - especially coughs. The only thing I can think is that they all got a strain of something I've already had. Or all those vitamins I'm taking are doing something for my immunity!

6. I forgot to record that Justin went back to his old position at work last week. He starts really early in the morning, but gets home earlier and has every Friday off! That's especially nice when a holiday falls on a Monday. 4 day weekend!

7. I've been feeling really convicted about spending more time reading the Bible, lately. I really need to try hard to make it a priority. I say I don't have time, but I always find time for facebook and blogging, don't I? Anyway, I feel like I've read the Bible before and don't know where to start. I kind of want a devotional book. I can't remember if I've asked for suggestions before, but I'm asking again. Here are my requirements: I want something easy to read/understand, but not complete fluff. I'm not a fan of poetic/flowery language (aka Ann Voskamp). And I don't want to read Jesus Calling. I just have a hard time with people putting words in Jesus' mouth. So with that said, any suggestions?


  1. I lack self control as well. I tried a diet by Bob Harper last week. It was an 800 calorie diet. I cheated then just gave up. it was supposed to be a three week diet. Protein shakes worked for me last year. I substituted 2 protein shakes for meal at lunch time. Then I could eat whatever I wanted for bfast and dinner, but I really love food. I tried juicing earlier this year. It was expensive. 3 days juice and 5.6 pounds gone. Good luck to you!

    1. 800 calories is insane! Especially for 3 weeks! I'd have given up too. Heck, I'm about to give up on my 1800 calories a day! Haha.


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