Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Saturday 6

I'm going to try to make this a quick one. I have too much to do today to spend an hour writing this like I usually do.

1. Today is Lucy's 3rd birthday! We have big plans to go to Chuck E. Cheese later today, but her party isn't until tomorrow. I did let her open one present this morning (plus some tokens wrapped up from my mom). And she woke up to her room filled with balloons and this at the bottom of the stairs:
I took this picture last night because I expected Lola to have them all torn down by this morning. Miraculously they were still in place!
I'm working on a 3rd Birthday Update for Lucy. It's daunting.

2. We worked on the letter G this week. We made a Glitter G, and Lucy worked in the garden with Grandpa.

3. Diet Update: it's going remarkably well. I actually lost 9 pounds in one week. Seriously. Apparently my body just needed a jumpstart! Or I really used to consume so many calories that limiting myself to 1800 is a drastic difference! Dieting itself hasn't been horrible. I discovered that whole wheat English muffins are only 100 calories, so I have that most mornings with peanut butter, a glass of skim milk, and coffee. I found some good 300 calorie meals. (Healthy Choice Top Chef) I generally have one of those for lunch. And then I'm still eating normal dinners - I just try to eat a reasonable portion. I'm sure limiting myself to one glass of Dr Pepper a day is making a huge difference as well!

4. Speaking of dinner, here's the link to the recipe I referred to on facebook this week. Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole. It was kind of time consuming, but it sure was delicious!
Picture from
5. Lena discovered her feet this week. It's so cute to see her holding on to them, trying to get them in her mouth. And her hands are always in her mouth. She's getting the hang of grabbing things and pulling them to her mouth, and really starting to show interest in her toys.

6. Justin is running the 25K Riverbank Run right now. Lucy and I went to watch last year, but it's freezing this year, and there's no way I'm going to push the double stroller through that insane crowd. So we're waiting anxiously at home to hear how he did!

Ok, well I'm going to have to end this here. Lena is crying in her swing and Lucy is leaning on my shoulder asking me over and over, "Is it time to go to Chuck E. Cheese yet? When are we going to go? Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! How long do I have to wait?!" Haha. My mistake for mentioning it to her!


  1. Hope you guys have a great time today! It's been so long since I went to Chuck E Cheese (honestly the last time might have been when I was little and it was still Showbiz Pizza...). Nice job on the eating better! (I refuse to call it dieting ;-) Lately I've been keeping a loaf of "high fiber" bread in the freezer and taking out a slice a few mornings a week to toast with peanut butter. Not sure how many calories, but the high fiber lasts longer in your stomach so you don't get hungry an hour or two later! They're the more expensive loaves (like $3+) but every so often they go on sale for 2 for $5 or so. None of the rest of my family will eat it, so keeping it in the freezer helps it last longer. :)

  2. 9 pounds?! That's awesome!! Yay you!

    We are going to a birthday party that Orion was invited to by one of his little friends this afternoon and I still haven't told him because I know he'll want to go RIGHT NOW.

    Happy birthday to Luuuucyyyy!!


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