Saturday, May 4, 2013

F is for Fishing and Flowers

To celebrate the letter F this week, we tried an activity I've seen floating (hehe, pun) around Pinterest for a while: alphabet fishing. (My inspiration came here.)

My dad has all kinds of random, interesting things used as decoration in this house. So we picked up the "Legal Fishing Gauge" because it was stick-like and had a hole in the end to tie our yarn through. I found a magnet on the fridge that was shaped like an "o", and tied the yarn through that on the other end. Then we threw our magnetic letters in the tub (the Leap Frog ones worked way better than the little dollar store ones) and went fishing!

Here are a couple of the "fish" we caught:

Lucy loved this activity. She thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Later on in the week, we made flower f's.

My idea was to have a green stem and flowers just at the top, but Lucy wanted to cover the whole thing with flowers. We had these flowers in the craft closet (leftovers from her flower girl duties last summer), but you could make them out of construction paper or tissue paper or anything you have on hand!

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