Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. Well the news of the week is that I went on my first official diet. It's not super fun. I'm not doing anything crazy or super-restrictive. I signed up with myfitnesspal and they asked me questions about my lifestyle and goals. I said that I'm sedentary, but want to lose 25 lbs, so they only gave me 1250 calories a day. Yikes. I add 500 to that because I'm breastfeeding, and don't beat myself up if I go over another 50 calories or so. Basically, I'm trying to stay around 1800 calories. I entered my calories all week, basically to get a feel for what 1800 calories looks like. I'm a complete nutrition novice. I was amazed how many calories are in peanut butter and cheese - a couple of my diet staples. Haha. And one day I was ravenous and scarfed down 2 pieces of Papa Murphy's pizza for lunch. That didn't leave me many calories for dinner! It's a learning process, and I honestly hate it, but for the first time in my life I hate my current weight more than I hate dieting.

Of course, it's only been a week. We'll see how faithful I am. Although I'm having a little competition with some friends - complete with a point system - that will hopefully keep me motivated. I don't know if I lost anything this week because we don't have a very accurate scale. I might have to remedy that situation. And I intend to do something about my sedentary lifestyle, too. My friend Karen has lost a ton of weight by doing this beginner's running plan. (Similar to Couch25K) I'm really going to try to do it, starting next week. I don't have the greatest track record of keeping up with running plans.

2. Lucy adopted an imaginary friend this week. She's not quite creative enough to conjure a totally new person, though. Haha. She just has "Pretend Presley." Presley is my friend Kelly's daughter, and Lucy's real life best friend. All week, though, Lucy has pretended that Presley is here. It's adorable. And sneaky. One day, Lucy wanted a piece of cheese. I gave her one, then she said, "Presley needs one too." So I gave her another one for Presley. After Lucy finished her piece she said, "Mommy, Presley's just pretend, so I have to eat her cheese for her." Haha. Nice. They go everywhere together. Lucy put a chair next to her spot at the table for Presley to sit in. She gives her bites of her food:

But the funniest thing is that Pretend Presley apparently has some bladder issues. She has to go potty about every 3 minutes. Lucy goes in the bathroom, turns on the light, pretends to rip off some toilet paper for Presley, and pretends to flush the toilet for her. It cracks me up. I had 2 imaginary friends when I was around Lucy's age: Aktchel and Panna. Glad to see Lucy following in my footsteps. :-)

3. I have a cousin (who shall remain unnamed) who is turning 30 today. To celebrate, I made her a candy gram. The pictures I took didn't turn out very well, but these were my inspirations:

I got most of my wording from the one on the left (it's from Pinterest, but there's no link to a website). I tweaked it a little bit to include some of my cousin's favorite candies, and because I couldn't find everything in the original. Here's how mine ended up:

Dear [Cousin], 
As you begin the next decade of your life, consider these important questions: Does your mind play twix on you? Are you active? Can you walk down 5th Avenue on the streets of New York with a hot French guy like Ferrero Rocher? Do your friends snicker as your bones crunch? Are your [honey] buns turning into whoppers? Are you still engaging in hanky panky?  We hope you have mounds of fun on your birthday! Ignore all those goobers who call you old. You’re a sweetart and I love you to [Reese’s] pieces!
Happy 30th birthday!
Love, your air head cousin,

I just put everything in a gift bag because I didn't want to take the time to glue each piece of candy to a piece of poster board. Haha. I think she'll get the idea. :-)

4. I've written before that I have a hard time juggling my 2 kids with my daily responsibilities and my desire for relaxation. So I've decided to make a weekly plan. That way I don't have to decide every day what to do. As of right now it looks something like this:

M- meal plans, lesson plans (alphabet activities for Lucy), grocery shopping
T - floors and bathroom
W - emails (I input email addresses into a database for a local company in exchange for store credit)
Th - laundry
F - read

I generally get about 2 hours while the girls are napping. So if I spend an hour a day doing the above chores, that leaves me an hour to relax. We'll see how it goes.

5. Here's a random one. One of my biggest pet peeves is people changing the spelling of words to make a cutesy phrase. Like "Kids' Korner." It's even worse when they change the spelling of both words. I came across a blog this week called "Krazy Kouponers." Neither of those words starts with K! Why change them?! Ugh.

6. Lucy is going to be 3 one week from today (!) and while she's completely potty trained during her waking hours, she still absolutely soaks her diaper during naps and overnight. I have bribed her up the wazoo to keep her diaper dry. I even told her if she keeps it dry, I'll take her to the store and let her buy whatever she wants. And I've tried to impose peer pressure on her. I tell her all the time that Addy and Presley keep their diapers dry during naps. But she totally doesn't care. She tells me, "I'll keep it dry when I get bigger." Do you think there's anything else I can do? Or do I just have to wait it out?

7. I'll end with another Lucy story. (Apparently Lena didn't do anything exciting this week - she never even made it into the entry!)

My parents live smack dab in the middle of a field. There's a pig farm right down the road, and they've been spreading manure this week. Poor Lucy is going to have a hard time living here all summer. Haha. She is ridiculously sensitive to smells. Fortunately, she seems to be getting used to it. Every time the manure tractor drives by, she says, "There goes the pig poop truck!" Haha. The joys of country living. :-)

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  1. 1. Good luck on your diet and your running! If you totally hate the running and aren't doing it consistently, try something different like Tai Bo or yoga or dance aerobics or kickboking or a million other things you can find on DVD!

    4. This is a great idea. I should steal it...

    5. Seriously!

    6. You could try letting her wet the bed a couple times and see if that teaches her. With a nice plastic cover on the mattress, of course. Otherwise, don't worry if it takes her a while to learn! She's still really young :)


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