Friday, November 1, 2013

The Saturday 7: Advance Edition!

I'm leaving for Ladies' Retreat tonight, so you get a special advance-edition of the Saturday 7!

1. I always talk up my Halloween costume in the Saturday 7, but then I post the pictures on facebook and they never make it on the blog. Let's remedy that this year:
We were Flo and Mayhem! Apparently Flo is a pretty popular costume, because Progressive's website has all the logos ready to download and print. Easy peasy! Didn't Esther do a great job on my hair and make up? It took me days to get my hair back to normal! Haha.

We had so much fun with our small group that night. We played a new game called Telestrations. It's a cross between Telephone and Pictionary, and the result was hilarious. I'm bringing it to Ladies' Retreat. :-)

3. The girls loved Halloween, too. Lucy picked out her own costume at Once Upon a Child. It's actually Cherry Blossom, but she thought it was Strawberry Shortcake, so we let it slide. ;-) And my mom found this awesome Little Red Riding Hood costume from Once Upon as well. (She also found a matching one for Lucy, but try as I might I couldn't get Lucy to give up on Strawberry Shortcake!)
Lucy had been counting down the days 'til Halloween, and she was so excited to go Trick or Treating. It was a cold, windy night, but both girls did great! I carried Lena in the Ergo so I could keep her under the umbrella. Lucy carried an umbrella for a while, but she got pretty drenched. At least it wasn't freezing cold!

3. I'm still struggling to get Lena to eat many vegetables. But I decided to capitalize on her love of bread and make her a green bean sandwich. Haha. I just slapped some green bean puree on bread, folded it in half and broke it up into little pieces for her. She gobbled it right down! Veggie sandwiches are about to become a staple in her diet. I also made these spinach muffins this week. I haven't given her one yet, but since it's bread-like I anticipate it will be a big success!
I also gave her applesauce for the first time this week. She ate the whole jarful. (Baby food jar.) She's never eaten a whole jar of anything I've tried to spoon feed her. But I've never spoon fed her fruit. Apparently that makes all the difference! (So my child.)

4. We took the week off of "homeschool" this week. I read on some Christian homeschooling blog, that they do 7 weeks, then take a break just like God rested on the 7th day. Yeah. That's what we did, too. Haha. (More like, I was busy this week and never got around to doing anything!)

5. Lucy learned about chores/being helpful at church on Sunday. I've been wanting to give her some responsibilities, and this was the perfect kickstart. I decided that her job will be to feed and water Lola every day. She loves it. She checks Lola's dishes periodically throughout the day to make sure she doesn't need any more. I'm going to have to keep an eye on her, or Lola's going to get real fat, and we're going to go broke buying cat food! Haha. Yesterday, she kept asking me for more chores. So she swiffered the floor, emptied some old macaroni out of tupperware into the trash, washed a few measuring cups, and took the laundry out of the dryer for me. I hope she always desires to be so helpful. :-)

6. I wrote here about her failed rest times and got a lot of great advice. I decided just to be firm and tell her that I would not respond to her screaming - even at the risk of waking up Lena. The first day, she started screaming 10 minutes after I put her down. But eventually I realized she just had to go potty. Now we have a rule that she can play in her room, read books, or listen to CDs as long as she's quiet. And if she has to go potty, she can just come down and go without asking. She loves that freedom, and so far hasn't abused it. I also put a clock in her room and tell her every day when she can come down (When the big hand gets to the 12, etc.) She did remarkably well the rest of the week. Woohoo! I'm still mourning those 3 hour naps, but rejoicing in the 1 hour of peace. I'll take what I can get. ;-)

7. So I have another puking story to share. My mom bought some candy earlier this week and I let Lucy have one fun-sized Almond Joy. She took one bite and literally minutes later started crying that her belly hurt, ran to the bathroom, and puked up everything she'd eaten since dinner. Immediately afterwards, she was totally fine and ran out to the living room to tell everyone, "I puked out my nose!"  So I looked at the ingredients in the Almond Joy. There was "less than 2% soybean oil" in the chocolate. Do you think that little really could affect her so quickly? Am I going to have to check every candy bar for soybean oil from now on? She'd also had some questionable (expired) yogurt a couple hours earlier. And I'm not sure she's ever had coconut either, so I supposed it could have been that as well. Oy. For now, it went in the "Puke Journal" and we'll see what the future brings!


  1. Green bean sandwich?! Gross!! Haha... hey, if she'll eat it...

    I hope Lucy stays eager to do her chores!

    It's so awesome that Lucy has been taking her rest time well! Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing something like that with Orion, but I just let him play on the Kindle or something after we're done with Cubbies.

    The puking stuff is so weird! The soybean oil connection is interesting.

  2. We've just started doing chores with Abby too. Every night after dinner we ask her to clear the table -- which is just bringing the plates, silverware, and cups 5 feet to the dishwasher. Sometimes she balks, but most of the time she does well. Sometimes she even does things like putting the butter back in the fridge and the potholders in their drawer. The other chore she does for me is washing windows. I know they end up all streaky and she often uses way too much spray, but she is so excited to take the spray bottle and a paper towel to the slider door, then any other window she can reach. A blog I follow did 31 days of housecleaning with kids ( -- the list isn't complete yet) and she had some good tips.

  3. Finally read your blog on the computer instead of my phone and I love the new design! Sorry if it's been that way for a while ;)


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