Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. I took both girls to the doctor this week. They both checked out totally healthy, but they couldn't be more different size-wise. Lena was 27.5" (35%) and 16 lbs (19%). Lucy was 39" (80%) and 31 lbs. (41%).

2. I decided to change up our "homeschool" schedule this week. I think we're going to do the alphabet one day, numbers one day, and the Bible story one day. Ideally, we'll work on our verse every day, but I'm not always super faithful with that. 

3. This was on facebook, but I need to record it here too:
On the way home from the doctor today, we saw a deer on top of someone's truck. (Opening Day here in MI, just FYI) Lucy and I had a little chat about how the deer got up there. She proceeded to tell the story as follows: "a reindeer was running in the woods and a guy shot him and put him on his car to bring him home. I think the reindeer's name was Rudolph." Fast forward to tonight: We're making cupcakes and talking about how you should never touch the stove. Lucy says, "If I touched the stove, I might die. And then you'd have to put me on top of the car." ROFL!!!! Love that kid.

4. I started some Christmas shopping this week! I'm not sure we're even going to go Black Friday shopping this year. Unthinkable! From what I've seen of the ads online, I haven't found too much I have to have. I've gotten some great deals online already. It's going to be difficult for me to leave Lena anyway. We'll see . . .

5. I loved all the "things you might not know about me" posts on facebook. Of course I did one, but I thought of another I should've added: the reason I blog is because I'm socially awkward in person. Haha. I love the people can get to know me by stalking me, and then we have a jumping-off point when we meet in person.  I'm just terrible at small talk or thinking up things to talk about. I need time to think, write, and edit my thoughts. This is pretty much me in a nutshell:
I did the bottom left at the doctor's office yesterday!
6. On Monday, I took the girls to Meijer. As we were waiting in line, I noticed Lucy was wearing American Eagle jeans, a Northface sweatshirt, Ugg boots, and Lena had her Columbia jacket on. I bet I got real judged when I swiped my WIC card. But honestly, all of that stuff was gifts - and they're all from Once Upon a Child. Just goes to show how we should be careful about judging . . .

7. Today was our annual Jesus' Birthday Party! We combined it with the Merry Larry party that I won through They want you to host on a specific day, hence the reason we had it so early this year. It was a blast as usual! I'm about to write an epic blog post about it. Stay tuned. :-) 


  1. I love the awkward penguin things :P Those are mostly me too besides the one about having a great memory... I have a horrible memory!! But I win arguments in the shower aaaaall the time.

    You have a WIC CARD?! Ohio is stuck in the dark ages and still uses certificates. I'm jealous! I'm always worried what people will think when I buy things other than my WIC stuff... like, "is that REALLY essential?! If they can afford that why do they need WIC??" Sigh.

  2. Ew, certificates?! The card is great! I agree that I always worry about what people are thinking when I do my 2 separate orders: the Cheerios, milk, and produce with WIC then the Dr Pepper and cheetos with my credit card. Haha.


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