Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. I had such a nice weekend at retreat. I missed a few sessions, and didn't hang out as much with everyone else thanks to Lena, but I greatly enjoyed the relaxation. I also enjoyed someone else making all my meals and the escape from (most of) my usual responsibilities. Lena was so good all weekend, and I'm pretty sure we got more sleep than we've ever gotten at retreat before. (6 hours a night! That's unheard of!) Lena's friend Josie was there with her mom, Amanda. It was fun to compare the girls in person. Lena is 2 months older, but you sure wouldn't know it!

I came back from retreat so excited to see Lucy and Justin, and feeling refreshed and ready to get back to my routine. Just what I needed.

2. I finally got Lena on a 4 hour breastfeeding schedule this week!! It only took 9 months! Haha. I've been really trying to give her at least 2 meals a day of real food. She usually eats a big breakfast (one day this week she ate a whole waffle!) and then a couple small meals of whatever I can find. Her 9 month doctor's appointment is Tuesday. I can't wait to see how she measures. My little shrimp.

3. One day this week I was giving the girls baths and noticing how terrible Lena's cradle cap is getting. I did a quick google search for "cradle cap treatments," saw someone wrote something about coconut oil, so I decided to slap some on Lena's head. I didn't read any instructions or do any further research. First mistake. Haha. Second mistake: I took a huge glob, smeared it all over Lena's scalp, and when Lucy said she wanted some too, I rubbed some on her head as well. I rinsed it out, washed their hair as usual and didn't think anything of it. A couple hours later I got Lena up from her nap and wondered why her hair was still wet. It wasn't wet. It was horribly greasy. 
Lol - this was hours after the bath. Her hair felt like it had been doused in pomade. I could do anything with it!
And despite the massive scrubbing I did with a fine tooth comb, her cradle cap was still just as bad:

I will say, though, that after a few days of the coconut oil soaking into her scalp, the cradle cap is looking much better. I washed her hair with Dawn dish soap yesterday and it helped a lot. Whew! :-)

4. Justin worked 51 hours in 5 days this week. I'm grateful he's such a hard worker and earning us some extra cash for Christmas, but we missed him! Yesterday by 8:30 am, I was sitting on the couch in a daze, Lucy was on her 8th episode of Woody Woodpecker, and she and Lena were sharing goldfish for breakfast. Mama needed a break. Thankfully Kelly, Presley, and Harper were free to come over and play. They stayed all day and Lucy and Presley played so nicely together. It was wonderful!!

5. I tried to teach Lucy about the plagues this week. It was the first time since I've started teaching her Bible lessons that she really got confused and I didn't know what to tell her. Haha. I'm going to do a whole post about it soon, but honestly I don't blame her for being confused. 

L: Why did God turn the water to blood?
Me: Cuz the King didn't obey God.
L: I obey God.
Me: That's good, but even if you don't, God won't turn our water into blood.

I tried to explain that a lamb had to die to protect the firstborn during passover. Similarly Jesus died to pay for our sins. That was waaaaaay over her head, and now she's just confused about how Jesus fits into the Moses narrative. We watched another part of Prince of Egypt today and she kept asking, "Is this the part where Jesus dies?" I just pray that she remembers what's important and forgets everything else! Haha.

6.  Lucy and I started listening to Christmas music this week! I love having spotify this year so I can pick and choose which songs I want to listen to. We've been rocking out!

7. I've also been trying to decide what we're going to do leading up to Christmas this year. Last year I made an awesome Advent calendar (if I do say so myself ;-) ). I want to try something different this year, but I'm totally overwhelmed with the possibilities. Here's just one blog I found with ideas. Pinterest has about a million and twelve more. And I totally failed with Thanksgiving. Last year we did 30 Days of Thankfulness. It's already November 9 and I haven't even thought about it. Oy. How was I so much more productive when I was 8 months pregnant? I guess having the baby inside was easier than having her out. Haha. 

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