Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. I've been getting some great deals online shopping for Christmas. Mostly for Lucy. I have absolutely no ideas for Lena. She has all Lucy's old toys to play with! And I just realized (duh) that her birthday is a month after Christmas, so I need to be buying stuff for that too! Second child syndrome.

2. I posted the baked French toast recipe from last week here. Mmmmm. So yummy.

3. Lucy and I had kind of a rough week. She is entering the whiny phase with a vengeance. I need to nip it in the bud, but I'm kind of at a loss. It's not just a whiny voice. It's this teeth-clenching, mind-numbing, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard fake cry that goes on and on and on. One day this week, we went to the dollar store 5 minutes from our house. 1 mile down the road she said, "I forgot to bring my balloon!" (She wanted to bring her balloon in the car with her.) When I refused to go back and get it, she cried the rest of the way to the store, the whole time we shopped, and the whole way home. Grrrrr. It makes me crazy. She seriously cries more than Lena does.

4. By Friday I was desperate to find something for her to do while I cleaned the house so I didn't have to listen to any more whining! I had pinned this indoor sand idea a while ago, and decided to try it out. It's just 5 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil. Ours was a little clumpier than the picture in the pin, but Lucy loved it, and it kept her entertained for almost an hour. Win!
This activity does come with a warning: Be prepared to sweep the floor and wash whatever clothes your child is wearing. Dark jeans not recommended. Haha.

5. I went to the eye doctor this week and found out I have large pupils. The doctor said that means I have a lot of positive energy. He was being totally serious. Wow. Go me!

6. I've been trying to think of a good idea for our Christmas card this year. I want something cute and clever. Too bad we don't have 3 kids. Maybe I could do Justin in the middle with a kid on each side. Ha!
Photo Credit
I wonder if I'm talented enough to do this with Lena. What could Lucy be?
The Pinterest source. Not true photo credit, but close.
7. We had a girls' night last night while our friend Becky is in town. We decided to stay close to home and do the Shop Sparta event. All the local businesses were having sales, there was a Christmas tree lighting, a bake sale, free hot chocolate and popcorn, and the best part . . . free trolley rides! Justin had to work late, so I had the girls with me. Lucy is obsessed with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS, so I knew she'd be thrilled to ride a real-life trolley!
It was loud.
Much happier once we were on board.
She loved it, and kept saying, "This is so fun!"

Stay tuned for Lena's 10 month update later today!!

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  1. I love the JOY photo- it's hilarious :P I would love to do that sometime.

    It is so hard to buy toys for kids who already have so much stuff and who hardly play with what they have!!

    The trolly ride looks so fun! Lucy looked really happy :)


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