Saturday, June 14, 2014

Daniel in the Lions' Den

This is one of my favorite Bible stories - probably because I have such fear issues. Since Lucy inherited that from me, we decided to re-iterate the same verse we learned last week (especially because we didn't work on it very much last week and needed to do it again -haha).

Verse: "I will not be afraid. You are with me." It's short and sweet, so once we went over it a few times, she got it quickly. I write our verse on the chalkboard every week and this one is great for Lucy because she can kind of sound it out - especially the first few words.

We talked about Daniel and the Lions' Den when we did the letter L, and have already done one fun craft. But lion crafts are pretty easy to come by on Pinterest, so we found another one without too much trouble.

We started by painting some paper plates yellow. While we waited for them to dry I cut out scary lion faces, and Lucy cut strips of paper for the lions' manes.

Then we glued the faces and manes on:
I tried to encourage some patterning of orange/yellow/orange/yellow, but Lucy likes to do her own thing. ;-)
Later in the day, we hung the lions in our craft/game/storage closet:

We turned off the lights and acted out the story. I was Nebuchadnezzar and Lucy was Daniel. We talked about how scary it must have been for Daniel to be thrown in a dark cave with hungry lions, but how he obeyed God even though he was scared.

Then Lucy came out of the den, I armed her with a roll of duct tape (yellow is all we had on hand) and she pretended to be the angel shutting the lions' mouths.

I love how our verse fit with both the Fiery Furnace lesson and this one. God was physically with these men when they were in unthinkably scary situations. And he protected them for their obedience.

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