Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. Lucy was so cute about Fathers' Day this year. I told her a few days beforehand that it was coming up and asked her to make a list of present ideas for Daddy. I didn't really think she'd do it, but she came to me later with a stack of papers with ideas drawn on them. Here were her ideas: a CD, a movie, pens, a book, a bottle of Mt. Dew, and a drum. Lol. That last one is totally random. Justin doesn't play the drums. I told her she could pick 3 off her list and we'd go shopping. She picked the CD, movie, and pens. We went to Family Christian and found a table of $5 CDs. I narrowed down the choices to 4 I knew Justin would be interested in and let Lucy pick. She picked Third Day. Then we went to the dollar store and she seriously deliberated over which pens to buy. Haha. Finally we went to Wal-Mart and searched their $5 bins until Lena started screaming and throwing things out of the cart. Even Lucy was done by that point, so I made the final choice on the movie. As we were walking to the checkout at Wal-Mart, Lucy spotted some cool glass bottles of Mt. Dew. They were only a dollar so I let her get one of those too. She was so excited to wrap it all and hide it under her bed until Father's Day. She was seriously counting down the days til Justin could open his presents. Then Sunday morning, she insisted we make breakfast in bed, and beamed from ear to ear while Justin opened his gift. So so sweet. :-)

2. We had kind of a crazy week this week and didn't eat dinner together as a family a single night this week. Monday night was World Cup at Justin's parents'. The girls and I met Justin there, but they had all eaten by the time we got there. Tuesday night Justin had soccer (he's playing in a summer league) and Lucy and I went to a bridal shower. Wednesday night was yoga. Justin fed the girls and I ate when I got home. Thursday night Justin went fishing and the girls and I got dinner from Speedway. Haha. And then last night was girls' night with my sisters! Tonight we're all going to small group, so we will technically eat at the same time in the same place, but not at home. Haha.

3. One night this week, I went upstairs to go to bed late at night and was greeted by a full moon - and not the kind in the sky. Lucy suddenly decided to start sleeping naked. Lol. I laugh every time I walk up the stairs to that sight. If it wasn't totally inappropriate I'd share the hilarious picture I took. Graduation board?

4. My friend Kelly and I finished our 5 week yoga session on Wednesday. We had bought a $25 Groupon for 5 classes, and just wanted to test the waters and see how we liked it. We both loved it so much that we just bought the 10 class Groupon so we can keep going! (The 10 class one is $45, but if you use the code FUN15 by tomorrow you get 15% off, making it only $38.25 for 10 classes!) If you want to join us, we go Wednesday nights from 5:15-6:15 (although the instructor said she's thinking about changing the time to 5:30-6:30). We're both seeing results already in our strength, balance, and flexibility, and seriously having so much fun!

5. I found this on Pinterest this week and was struck by how true it is:

At first, it seems unfair. Why should I have to suffer so others can get off the hook? But, first of all, isn't that kind of the message of Christianity? Jesus died so we could get off the hook? Also, though, it gives suffering such purpose. Usually trials are good for personal growth anyway. How cool that someone else might benefit as well? For me, it's something so minor. Justin and I were young and stupid and didn't know any better, so we went to Christian colleges and wracked up thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. We're still paying for it - both literally and figuratively. You've heard me whine numerous times about how our student loan payments are more than our house payment was. Anyway, as a result of our bad decisions, my siblings have made much better college decisions and saved themselves so much of my pain. This message goes so far beyond that, though. I love redemption. 

6. Thank you to everyone who ordered from my Usborne books party. I ended up with $90 in free books!! It was seriously the easiest party ever and I highly recommend it to anyone who has friends with kids. All I had to do was invite my friends and talk it up on facebook a little bit. Cara (the consultant) did the rest! Go here and click "schedule your show" if you want to do it yourself. (Or let me know and I can hook you up with Cara through facebook.)

7. This week's pics:

Big girl ponytail.
Lucy snuggling with her favorite person in the world after a late night swim in the pool. 
Big girl pig-tails
Shrieking with joy by the pool!
Ok so apparently I only take pictures of Lena. Lol. Lucy gets mad anytime she sees me pointing the camera at her.

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