Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. If you're my friend on facebook, you're already aware of our kitten saga, but I want to record it here as well. Last week my dad found a bunch of kittens in our wood pile. We've seen a cat roaming around the barn/backyard lately but none of us realized it was pregnant until my dad noticed the kittens. At first, they were pretty well hidden so we couldn't see all of them very well, but we eventually got to see all five. They are soooo adorable. The girls and I went outside multiple times a day to see them, and Lucy decided to name them all. She's super creative and they ended up named "Elsa, Anna, Sven, Olaf, and Kristoff/Hans." Haha. (She also asked me this week if we can name our next baby Elsa or Anna. Hahaha. I hope her obsession has waned by that time or I'm going to have a hard time talking her out of it!)


Lena loved them, but was a little rough. Haha.

A few days ago, we went out to see them and they weren't there! I assumed the mama had had enough of us messing with her babies and relocated them. But we haven't seen hide nor hair of them since then. I've seen the mama cat around, but no babies. She either hid them really well (which wouldn't be hard to do on our 2 acres of outbuildings/grassy fields) or something came and ate them. :-S Don't tell Lucy the latter. She thinks they'll show up again any day.

2. My depression was a little bit better this week. I made it a point to go to bed before 10:30 most evenings and I got out of the house a lot. But I'm still not feeling myself. I think I'll probably call my doctor on Monday to see about upping my prescription. Might as well enjoy it now while I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding and don't have to feel guilty about drugging my child.

3. I've been trying to stop blowing up people's facebook newsfeeds with pictures now that I have a smartphone, so have been posting more to Instagram. But I don't have many friends on Instagram, so I figured maybe I'll feature a point in my blog with some of the highlights so you don't miss out on anything. ;-) Here are this week's:
It's rest time and Lucy's life is ruined.
Today's #daytimedrinking is brought to you by #groceryshoppingwithchildren
Sweet sleeper
4. I finally wrote some blog posts about our last few Bible lessons (click the caption to see the post):
The Fiery Furnace 
Daniel in the Lions' Den

5. I came across this article this week and really loved this quote about mothering young children:  

 "This is the time when your babies need you and want you and enjoy having you around. This is the time when they will cling to your legs as you try to leave the house without them and run into your arms when you come home as if you’d been gone a lifetime. You will never be more loved and wanted and needed as you are right now…in this moment."

That last line really gets me, and it's something I've been reminding myself of often lately.

6. This is another article from one of my favorite bloggers with suggestions for extremely picky eaters. I wrote last week that I'm cracking down on the girls' eating habits. It's not going super well. Lucy pretty much doesn't eat dinner anymore. Lena's not doing much better, although she's not quite as bad as Lucy. Tonight we made homemade pizza. Lucy helped me roll out the pizza crust (storebought in a can), spread the sauce on, and covered it with cheese and pepperoni. She went outside while it was cooking and came in saying, "That pizza smells so good!" But when I set it in front of her, she said "I don't want it" and pushed it away without so much as a lick. Grrrr. At least Lena ate the pizza. But she wouldn't eat the chicken I made this week or any of the vegetables we tried (Brussels sprouts, snow peas, peppers). 

The article suggests the "save it for breakfast" method, where if the kid doesn't eat what she's offered for dinner, she gets it again for breakfast and on and on until she eats it. Someone actually suggested the same thing to me on facebook recently, so I should probably take that as a sign, but I just don't know if I have it in me. 

So I decided we're going to try this method for a while:

Lucy responds really well to sticker charts and incentives so I'm hoping this will help. I don't know what to do with Lena. I think she's too young to understand "You eat what I make or you eat nothing at all." I give her our dinner every night and almost every night she throws it on the floor. I usually try a few more times before giving up and making her peanut butter and jelly. Which you can imagine goes over super well with Lucy. Ugh. Kids. 

7. It's not too late to order from my Usborne Books party! (That link will take you to my specific party page and anything you order between now and Monday night at 10:00 will go toward my party.) They have an insane selection and my wish list keeps growing and growing. Go check it out! 

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