Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. Here's the Advent recap for the week:
Day 9: Play in the snow with Daddy. This was originally planned for later on, but the way our weather has been lately, I figured we better capitalize on the snow we got last weekend.
Day 10: Make Christmas cards. She wasn't real into this. We made a couple and then she was done.
Day 11: Make snowman donuts. This one was a hit. (And I've greatly enjoyed eating these cute little guys)
Day 12: Fail. We were busy this day, she never asked to do the sticker, and I wasn't well prepared, so it got skipped.
Day 13: Date night with Daddy. She was so excited to go on a date before she even knew what it was. Justin took her to Chuck E. Cheese and she had an absolute blast. (And I got all the Christmas presents wrapped!)
Day 14: Our secret one.  ;-)

2. Now that Lucy has her uppercase letters down, I decided we need to start working on lowercase. I half-heartedly searched for some kind of flashcards or puzzle I could buy before deciding just to make one myself. I had already made flashcards for her uppercase letters, so I did a bunch of lowercase letters too. I knew she'd be confused by the ones that look so different, though, and she's really been into playing "matching" lately, so I made a game out of them. I searched the internet for clipart, printed a bunch off for each letter, then glued them in place like so:
(Please excuse my horrendous photography skills.)
I purposely used the same words that accompany each letter on her Melissa and Doug puzzle because that's what she's familiar with. (A for apple, B for basket, C for carrots, etc.) So even if I hand her the lowercase h that looks nothing like the H she knows, she can see the picture of the house and deduce that it must be h! We've only used these cards a few times since I've made them, but she loves it and will have the lowercase letters down in no time!

3. Lucy's new phrase is, "What the world?!" Haha. I can't imagine where she got it from . . .

4. My mom, Niki, and I went to visit a friend in the hospital last night. She had a hysterectomy and was on the women's floor with all the maternity patients. I started to get a little excited to go back there in a few weeks and get this baby out of me! Thinking about it apparently made me dream about it, though. Here's a glimpse at my psychotic pregnancy dreams: I dreamed that I went in to deliver and the first thing they asked me was if I wanted my baby circumcised (it was a boy). I said yes, so they extricated him out of me. I don't even know how. I didn't push him out, and they didn't do a C-section. All of a sudden he was just out. And he was so so ugly. He had a ginormous cone head, was covered in goo, and  . . . wait for it . . . had a beard and a mustache! Lol. It was really freaky.

5. After all my eye problems of late, I've decided I really need a pair of glasses with my current prescription (as opposed to the pair I have now with my prescription from 2001) to fall back on. I've been wearing my contacts throughout my whole pink eye debacle, and I'm probably just making my problems worse. Anyway, when Bethany was over last week, she recommended Zenni Optical to me. (How'd you like that Bethany? Made my blog 2 weeks in a row!) I ordered a pair for $9.95! They should be here just in time for Christmas. Can't wait!

6. Things that have become difficult/impossible to do with this belly (aside from every day tasks like bending over, breathing, etc.):
- Paint my toenails
- Shave my left leg (because I'm right handed and have to reach over my belly)
- Reach the faucet while standing straight-on at the kitchen sink. I have to angle my body. Haha.
- Give Lucy a bath
- Lean over my plate while eating - my belly juts into the table so I can't sufficiently lean over the table. If you see me with food all over my stomach, that's why.

7. I know this is long, but bear with me. This point requires reader participation. (I always save my questions for the end so they're fresh in your mind and you'll answer. :-)) I've been making lists of things to prepare for this baby. One of them is to buy myself some food or protein shakes or something that I can force myself to eat. When Lucy was born, I had some major anxiety and no appetite. I didn't eat, so my milk didn't come in, so breastfeeding was even harder than it needed to be - which just led to more anxiety! Vicious cycle. So my question is: What do I need for my milk to come in? Protein? Calories? Do you have any suggestions for quick/easy/semi-tasty things I can have on hand when this baby is born? I'm trying to be a little bit more pro-active this time. :-)


  1. I love the flashcards! What a good idea!

    Be glad you're pregnant in the winter when shaved legs and painted toenails aren't a big deal... :-P

    I've heard oatmeal is good for milk supply -- I had (and continue to have!) a basket full of granola bars. Specifically the Quaker Dipps covered in chocolate. ;-) Not sure if they've really helped my supply, but there are days when I don't have the time or two hands to eat much and a granola bar gives me a burst of energy to keep going.

  2. I love the flashcards.

    Your dream with the beard and mustache made me laugh out loud!

    Yay for cheap glasses!! Nathan recently got a pair from Coastal Contacts for $10 too :)

    I am NOT the right person to talk to about how to have a good milk supply, but I would just stock up on a bunch of easy/convenient foods that you know you like. Snacky foods are fine, just make sure they have plenty of calories. Nutrition is a bonus ;)


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