Sunday, August 30, 2015

12 Weeks

Baby is the size of a plum this week.

How Far Along? 12 weeks
Total Weight Loss/Gain: +1 as of my appt on Friday
Maternity Clothes? I haven't actually worn them again since last Sunday.
Sleep: Exhausted 24/7. Pretty sure I could sleep 24/7. Still having disgusting night sweats.
Best Moment This Week: Another ultrasound! Baby was jumping all over the place. So crazy.
Movement: Not that I can feel.
Food Cravings: It's funny how I crave the same things this time around that I did with Lena. I bought Dinty Moore beef stew this week. And red white and blue popsicles.
Food Aversions: There are times when nothing sounds good. But once I start eating, I like it.
Gender: Still thinking boy. Although I wouldn't be that surprised if it's a girl either. Haha. No strong inclination one way or another.
Labor Signs: None
What I Miss: Making it through the day without taking a nap, rolling over in bed without the breath-taking round ligament pain.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Finding out gender, looking obviously pregnant (although I definitely do in the above picture!).
Milestones: I definitely turned the corner with the nausea this week. On Thursday, it came back for about two hours, but for the most part it is gone! Still have some digestive issues, but not the debilitating nausea. Thank you, Lord!

I had the longest doctor's appointment ever on Friday. Started with my ultrasound at 10:15. Baby looked good, heartbeat was lower than it's been to date (140s). My subchorionic hematoma hasn't changed in size so I have to keep going back to check on it.
Then I went back to the waiting room for half an hour before being called back to see my doctor. I talked to her for less than two minutes. She assured me once again that the hematoma isn't a big deal, we're just being proactive by checking up on it. But the paperwork she sent me home with said I need to come back for an ultrasound in two weeks to check on "fetal viability." That makes me nervous.

Finally, I had 5 vials of blood drawn and didn't pass out! Whew! I left there at 11:40. Oy.

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