Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. The big news of the week was Lucy's first week of school. It actually went amazingly well and I realized that it went exactly as I prayed it would. I've been praying for months that Lucy wouldn't be nervous, but that she'd be flooded with excitement, that she wouldn't cry, that she would love school and make at least one good friend.

On Monday morning, she woke up saying, "I'm so excited to go to school!" Up until then, every time we went to school she hid behind me or dropped to the floor refusing to cooperate. But on Monday morning, not only did she let me do her hair (a major fight around here), she smiled happily for her first day of school picture, and marched right into her classroom with only the slightest hesitation.

Mrs. Ellsworth had a coloring page for her to do, so she sat right at her desk and started coloring.

The girl sitting next to her at the table immediately started talking to her and by the end of the day, they were best friends. I lingered for a few minutes, but she was doing fine, so I said, "Ok I'm going to leave. Give me a hug and kiss." She hugged and kissed me and went back to her coloring page without incident. I left without shedding a tear, marveling at how well it had gone, but I did have a knot in my stomach most of the day wondering how she was doing.

When we picked her up 7 hours later, she ran right out to me and gave me a big hug. I asked her how the first day was and she said, "Great!" She proceeded to tell me all about her day for the next half hour (and I thanked God for giving me a girl).

2. Consistently throughout the week, her least favorite part of the school day is recess. Haha. What kind of kid is she? Actually, I know. She's just like me. She loves the structure of school. Her teacher tells her what to do. She sits with the same 3 kids every day and is getting to know them. But recess is too free. She's too shy to go play with anyone and won't play by herself. She told me that she stood by a pole and cried every day at recess. Lol. How pathetic. She'll be ok as she makes more friends and gains more confidence. I'm not too worried.

3. Ok, one more quick thing about school. Many of my homeschooling friends have started posting on facebook about their planning and first days, etc., and every time I think, "Oh I'm so glad I'm not doing that this year." Haha. I have major respect for homeschooling moms. I got a tiny taste of it (I only did it with Lucy from September to February) and did not enjoy it. It's so nice to just send Lucy off to school and not worry about educating her myself. Haha.

4. That said, Lena and I did a tiny bit of "school" this week. When we moved in with my parents, Lucy was a few months shy of 3 and I decided to start working on a letter a week with her. She loved it and really learned her letters and sounds. Lena can only identify 2 letters so I decided we were going to start working on them while Lucy's at school. I'm copying what I did with Lucy so there is almost zero effort on my behalf. And Lena looooooves sitting at the table doing projects like a big girl. Lucy's doing a letter a week at school, so Lena and I are going to do the same letter Lucy does every week. This week was A.
Apple stamping
I also posted on facebook about how Lena was adamant that when Lucy goes to school, she was going to do glitter glue. We went to the dollar store on Monday and bought some. Lena used the whole package on one picture. Haha.

5. I asked for crock pot recipe ideas on facebook this week and got a ton of responses. It was great! And as a result, I actually cooked 4 days this week!! (Well Justin did make the chili, but I planned for it and bought all the ingredients.) And I had my best week nausea-wise in the past month! I even ate most of the dinners I made!

6. I am not enjoying the fall weather we had this week. I am not one of those people that gets excited about the crisp, cool fall days. About pumpkin spiced everything and scarves and boots. Because you know what follows that? Winter. Horrendous, awful winter. And this winter I'm going to have to haul my pregnant self and two children in and out of the car to school 3 days a week. There will be no sitting at home by the fireplace all day.

That said, it's supposed to be in the high 80s next weekend while we're camping and I'm not thrilled about that either. I'll just take 75 and sunny year round please!

7. Justin went to the Bassmaster championship on the east side of the state this weekend. He's in his glories camping and fishing and watching the pros do their thing. I've been having fun eating chips and cheese for dinner, having the whole bed to myself, and staying up until 1 am playing games with my mom, sisters, and friends. That said, it's a little exhausting solo parenting even for just a few days. Thank goodness for my parents! Hurry home, Justin!

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