Sunday, January 3, 2016

30 Weeks!

I couldn't get anyone to pose with me. 
Baby is the size of a cucumber this week!

How Far Along? 30 weeks!!
Total Weight Gain: I made up for what I didn't gain over Christmas and packed on another 3 pounds this week.  +17 total. And I made it to the next "ten." For instance, if I had started at 123, I'd now be 140. Only those numbers are vastly skewed. Haha. Also, I measured my belly today. 37.5 inches. 
Maternity Clothes? Yep. 
Sleep: I can't get enough. I want to sleep all day every day. Actually sleeping a little better lately. Still waking up drenched in sweat.
Best Moment This Week: Making it to 30 weeks! 3/4 done!
Movement: I've been trying to figure out his position all week. I feel the most movement on my lower left side, so it'd make sense that his feet are over there, right? But I have consistently felt hiccups on my lower right side multiple times this week. What part of his body am I feeling when he gets the hiccups? His chest? His head? So stumped.   
Food Cravings: Pop. I want something fizzy all the time. 
Food Aversions: Nothing. 
Gender: It's a boy!!!!  
Name: Have one picked out. Lucy is so mad I won't tell her what it is. Haha.
Labor Signs: Just the same ole non-stop Braxton Hicks.  
What I Miss: Not being in pain, sleeping on my stomach.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting this baby out of me.
Milestones: 30 weeks! Finally starting to feel like the end is in sight!

I noticed this week that I feel like I'm suffocating when I lay on my back. I'm constantly clawing at my shirt, trying to get it away from my neck, and even took off the necklace I wear 24/7 in hopes that would help, but I'm thinking it's probably my uterus compressing my vena cava. So annoying. I'm not ready to sleep exclusively on my sides for the next 10 weeks. 

Yesterday, we had a family fun day. We saw a movie, rode the carousel at the mall, and did a tiny bit of shopping. I hardly did any walking, but was in immediate agony. I pinched something in my hip that sends pain radiating up my back. Ugh. And I noticed something interesting. People don't give up their seats for pregnant women. Justin went to get the car, so the girls and I were standing by the doors. There were two benches there that were occupied by people (all women). I was holding my stomach, shifting from foot to foot, in obvious pain, but no one offered to move. I realize that makes me sound like an entitled brat, but I was genuinely surprised. 

And now a fun little progression. Watch me get fatter and whiter but never lose my love for stripes . . . 
10 weeks, 20 weeks, 30 weeks

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