Sunday, January 31, 2016

34 Weeks - with Memes!

Baby is the size of a butternut squash this week. 

How Far Along? 34 weeks - finally starting to feel like it's getting close! Only 3 weeks to full term!
Total Weight Gain: +1 this week. +21 total. I think it might be safe to say I'm going to gain less this time around than the 40+ I gained with each of the girls. I can't gain 19 pounds in 6 weeks, right? Right?! *knock on wood*
Maternity Clothes? You know it. And sweatpants. And very large t-shirts. My favorite is a lovely shade of orange that makes me look like an exceptionally large pumpkin. 

Sleep: Decent. I'm getting sick of sleeping on my sides. And rolling over in the middle of the night is shockingly painful. Between round ligament pain and sciatic pain, it's a slow process, usually punctuated by a lot of moaning and groaning. Haha.

Best Moment This Week: Getting stuff organized
Movement: Still crazy turbo.

I think he flips into a new position every day. I might start doing some "spinning babies" techniques soon to encourage him to get head down and engaged. 
Food Cravings: Pop. All day every day. Very cold and very fizzy. I've been telling people lately that I tried to be careful about my caffeine intake in the first and second trimester, but by now it's time for this baby to get used to it. I certainly don't intend to give it up while breastfeeding!
Food Aversions: Nothing. 
Gender: It's a boy!!!!  
Labor Signs: Nothing new
What I Miss: Having a waist, not being in pain, bending over comfortably (you should see me put my winter boots on!)

What I'm Looking Forward To: Having this baby out and in my arms.
Milestones: I started shaving my left leg with my left hand this week. I just can't reach over my belly with my right hand anymore! Haha. 

I got a couple more incredulous responses this week. Lena's doctor asked how I was feeling, and when I told her "terrible," she said, "You must not have that much farther to go, right?" When I said, "two months," I got that familiar bug-eye look. She quickly back-pedaled and said, "Well you look great!" Lol. 

And at Meijer on Monday, I had a nice chat with a lady by the horse while our kids took their turns. She, too, was surprised that I still have 2 months to go and told me that her sister-in-law is due at the end of March and is half my size. Haha. But she also asked, "Do you, by chance, have a pubic symphasis problem? I saw you walking over here and felt your pain." Apparently, she suffered from the same thing and could tell just by how I walked. She proceeded to tell me that hers lasted for 17 months after her baby was born, but I'm choosing to ignore that . . .

I was reading back on some of my pregnancy entries with Lena and decided that my pain is different this time around. A little TMI . . . . with Lena, I felt like I had fallen on a balance beam or been riding a horse too long. With this baby, I feel like my pubic bone is going to snap in half. It even makes this awful clicking noise sometimes when I walk. And I have a ton of pain in my sacrum/SI joints that I never had with Lena. They click and crunch too. I'm really afraid my whole pelvic girdle is just going to crumble one of these days. I've been trying to wear my maternity belt more often. When I go out in public, I wear it under my clothes. At home, I don't bother. It really highlights how I'm dropping, though:
The difference in 9 days.
The good news is I don't think I'm as big as I was with Lena at this point:
Although, it might just be the difference in shirts and angles. 
I have an ultrasound tomorrow to check on my hematoma. I'm interested to see if they'll give me a size estimate (not that I'll believe it - those things are notoriously inaccurate). And I want to figure out his position. I had an ultrasound with Lucy at 39 weeks and she was so huge and smushed I couldn't really make anything out. I wonder how much I'll be able to see of this one. Stay tuned for pictures!

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  1. You really do look great! You give me major baby fever every week when you post! You do look smaller than your last pregnancy. I'm sorry you're still hurting so much though!! I'm looking forward to your ultrasound pictures :D


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