Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. I wasn't even going to write a post this week because I spent all week depressed and in pain and don't have anything too uplifting to say, but my brother specifically requested an update, so here you have it.

2. Since I've been sitting around so much, I've taken up playing Words with Friends again. I need more competition, though. I'm out of practice and not as good as I used to be, so now's your chance to beat me! ;-)

3. Lena's birthday is in 6 days and her binky is going in the trash. It is going to be incredibly traumatic and I'm very much dreading it. Pray for me.

4. We had some weird weather this week. On Monday night, we got a bunch of snow and most of the area schools were closed on Tuesday. Of course, Lucy only has school MWF, so she didn't get a snow day. Wednesday was frigidly cold and when my alarm went off at 6:45, I briefly considered letting Lucy have a snow day of my making just so I wouldn't have to get out of my warm bed and haul her to school in the cold. I didn't follow through, though. If I start that now, she'll beg me every day to let her skip. And then Friday it was 40* and rainy all day. Weird. It's supposed to be wretchedly cold again next week, so here's hoping for Lucy's first real snow day and an excuse to stay home in the warm house. Winter is the bane of my existence . . .

5. Lena came down with a cold this week. She has a nasty, rattly cough and an on again off again fever. My parents both just got over terrible coughs so I'm not sure if Lena just now caught what they had or if we're starting something new. She pulled a Lucy last night and an hour after we put her to bed, I heard her crying for me. I went upstairs and said, "What's wrong?" She responded, "Can you clean me off?" Haha. She had coughed so hard she made herself puke. Poor kid. I'm hoping we're getting all our sickness out of the way now before the baby comes.

6. Last night, Justin and I went on a double date with my cousin and her husband to Trini's. It was great to have adult conversation . . . even if we talked about our kids the whole time. And the food was marvelous as usual. I'm pretty sure I've reached the "fat storing" stage of pregnancy, because I can suddenly pack away the food. I ate almost my whole burrito, plus chips and salsa, and a lot of Cherry Coke (my one beef with Trini's is their lack of Dr Pepper). On the way home, we stopped at Family Fare to pick up a gallon of milk . . . and somehow ended up with ice cream too. I ate half a pint of Ben and Jerry's in bed when we got home. Lol.

On Friday, I had a doctor appointment at 11 and stopped at my mom's work (Once Upon a Child) afterward. It was perfect timing because my mom said, "Have you had lunch yet? Let's go out." I get my love of restaurants from her. Haha. We went to TGI Friday's and I scarfed down a huuuuge chicken sandwich full of bacon and mayonnaise and crispy onion straws. I could hardly even fit my mouth over the thing, but I managed to eat it all. And fries. And copious amounts of Dr Pepper. Bring on the weight gain!

7. Justin and I discovered a new season of Parks and Recreation on Netflix this week. I love Leslie Knope. Oh, and her love of waffles reminds me . . . I found this "recipe" online for "waffins." Instead of using regular waffle mix, you mix up muffin batter and pour it in the waffle maker. I just bought cheap blueberry muffin mix and we had blueberry waffins. They were amazing.

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