Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lucy's First ER Visit!

Well we made it 2 years before having to take a trip to the ER with Lucy.

She swallowed a penny at Justin's parents' today. We were both there. We let her play with money all the time. She never swallows it! But she was laying on her back and it must've just fallen down in her throat. I really wasn't too concerned. Kids swallow and pass money all the time.

But then on the drive home from the VK's, she started puking . . . and puking . . . and puking. I still wasn't terribly worried. We all know Lucy is a puker. But I called the doctor for peace of mind and he strongly recommended taking her to the ER to make sure the penny wasn't lodged in her esophagus.

I'm a terrible mother, and I really didn't want to take her in. I figured she'd be fine. I texted my mom and Niki. Niki said she'd be fine. My mom said to take her in. Then people started scaring me on facebook, so in we went. Let me just say, I hope we never have a real emergency or a child in excruciating pain. The hospital is a long drive from our house!!

We got to the emergency entrance and noticed there were signs pointing to a different entrance for "Children's Emergencies." I was actually excited that we were going to get to see the new children's hospital! We walked in, gave the receptionist our information, and there was a doctor waiting to take us back before she could even finish typing everything. We never set foot in a waiting room.

Lucy did great while the doctor (or nurse or resident or whatever he was) took her vitals. She didn't make a peep. Then we went back to triage where we put Lucy in the cutest little gown ever.
A nurse came back immediately and turned Dora on for Lucy. She was in heaven. She cuddled in the bed with me watching Dora happily until the doctor came in. She told Lucy to open her mouth and say "ahhh" so she could look in it. Lucy totally complied. I was surprised she actually said, "ahhh!"

She acted completely normal until the registration lady came in. While I was signing the paperwork, Lucy started puking again. The registration lady grabbed a pink puke bucket and we managed to catch a good bit of it. No penny, though!

As we were cleaning up the puke, the x-ray tech came to get her. Lucy was still crying and not happy about going to "get her picture taken." She was even less happy when she realized I wasn't going back with her. (Justin stayed with her the whole time. I couldn't because I'm pregnant.) I stood in the hall listening to her cry the whoooole time they did x-rays. :-(

Eventually, we went back to the room and watched Elmo until the doctor came in and said the penny had made it to her stomach. That's what we wanted to hear. Now we just have to wait for it to pass! I asked the doctor if I really have to dig through her poop to make sure the coin passes. She said yes. Lucky me. Haha.

We already had plans to go to my parents' for pizza and a birthday celebration for my mom tonight. The doctor gave Lucy a small dose of Zofran (anti-nausea med) before we left, and she was acting totally fine, so we picked up some pizza and headed out there. She ate an entire piece of pizza and wanted more, but I refused to let her have it. She's been acting like her normal, happy self all evening!

What a day. Haha. What a weekend. I am beyond exhausted. Headed to bed now. Just wanted to get all that down while it was fresh in my mind!

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  1. I'm so glad it turned out ok! I'm the same way- I don't like to take my kids to the doctor unless it's absolutely positively necessary! That being said, O has been to the ER twice ;)


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