Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. Some Lucy-isms for the week: When she sits cross-legged she says, "I sit on my lap." Haha. She calls every meal breakfast. She also sometimes calls mealtime "hungry time." Occasionally at work, she'll watch me make lunch, then yell to the kids "Chase! Lyla! Hungry time!" I can't remember if I've written about this one, but when Justin or I are gone for a while and come back, she exclaims, "I miss you all day!" The best is when she says that to me after I've been in the bathroom for 3 minutes. Haha. And her newest one is doing something silly then saying, "I kidding you, Mommy!" Love that girl. :-)

2. I have a cousin who works for a company called Intertek. She posted on facebook that they're always looking to borrow people's cars. They measure parts or something. Anyway, they pay you $100-$150 just to bring your car in for the day. I signed up Justin's car. (The cars have to be in semi-good shape, and my van is not the best.) The next day I got an email that they wanted us to bring it in! I don't know if we were just lucky or if Justin's car is popular or what, but I was so excited! I brought the car down there on Thursday. Now, it is admittedly kind of far from my house (right by the airport in Kentwood), but it was easy to find, and dropping it off was a breeze. Plus, they gave me a rental car to drive home! (A little Kia Rio that reminded me why I love having my big ole van. Haha.) We picked Justin's car back up yesterday and got a receipt saying a check for $125 will be mailed to us within 30 days! Woohoo! If you're interested in doing it (and live in the West Michigan area), go to and sign up your vehicle. There's also a $350 finder's bonus if you drive one of their "most wanted" cars. You never know!

3. On Monday, my boss gave me a bunch of Lyla's outgrown clothes. Woohoo for hand-me-downs! Most of them are still too big for Lucy, so I sorted them and put them in the appropriate bins downstairs . . . which got me going through some other bins, and sorting more stuff . . . and coming across a whole bin of 2T summer stuff I didn't know I had! Argh! We better have an Indian summer now, so we can get some use out of all this cute stuff! When I brought the new 2T stuff upstairs, I decided to clean out some of Lucy's old stuff. I found skirts in her drawers that are size 6 months! It ended up being quite the project, but I'm so relieved to have everything organized now. 16 more days and we'll find out if I'm going to be re-using all those clothes or going on a shopping spree! :-)

4. We went to Red Robin with a gift card last night and Lucy puked part-way through our meal. This is becoming a regular thing at restaurants. She puked a couple weeks ago at Trini's too. I've been trying to think of a common denominator, but I don't think there is one, besides it being a restaurant. At Trini's she had chips and salsa and a hot dog. At Red Robin, she had fries with ranch and mac n' cheese. I do let her sip my Dr Pepper, but she drinks that at home too (yeah yeah, I know) and never pukes it up. I still just hold to the idea that she's eating too much, too fast, and has a sensitive gag reflex. At least she's good about warning us. Last night, she said, "my belly hurts," then started covering her mouth with her hand. We caught it all in the fry basket, and she was happy as a clam a few minutes later. Sorry bus-boys at Red Robin . . .

5.-6. So here's my sad news of the week: my plan for being a Stay at Home Mom went down the tubes. I hate explaining it all, because it sounds so shady . . . My aunt got involved in this Internet marketing business a year ago, and has been making big bucks off of it. She got the rest of my family signed up and they've all been raking in the dough. It's based on a legitimate business, and is not a Ponzi scheme. Anyway, she got me signed up a few months ago, and I was supposed to start making money in a few months. That was literally my SAHM plan. And I was insanely excited. Buuuut . . . last weekend, the company got shut down by the government, and with it my dreams. Haha. I'm being flippant about it, but I was seriously crushed. I'm not going to lie - I cried for a few days.

I sat down with our budget and realized that without my income, we will be short $800 a month. It's not really possible to "cut back" $800 a month. I have to have a job. Sigh. I had a really bad attitude about it all. I felt so cheated and didn't understand why God would wave my dream in front of me only to snatch it away. I know that's a terrible thing to accuse God of, but it's how I felt. So I've been praying about it, and I know other people have been praying for me. And in a matter of a few days, my attitude has slowly been changing.
Don't get me wrong. If the opportunity presented itself for me to stay home full-time, I would take it in a heartbeat. But until that happens, I'm going to assume God wants me to work.

The plan is to get licensed as an in-home daycare provider. I basically have no skills other than watching kids, and I certainly don't have skills strong enough to get a job that will pay for daycare for my 2 kids. (Not to mention, I absolutely don't want to be away from them.) So in-home daycare it is. I only need 2-3 full time kids to make enough money. And just this week, I "signed up" my first part-timer! So if you know of anyone looking for daycare in my area, let me know! And feel free to continue to pray for my attitude. :-)

7. I had a dream last night that I had a baby girl and she was really ugly and I didn't want her! We got home and I was crying and crying that the baby was stealing all my time with Lucy, and she was so ugly, and I didn't want to hold her! Yikes! Talk about some latent fear coming out in dreams!

Then I had another dream that a raccoon was trying to attack me and I decided to reason with it by saying, "I have a 2 year old at home. You can't kill me!" The raccoon stopped in its tracks and said, "I have a 2 year old, too. I couldn't take your baby's mommy away." Lol! Not sure there was any meaning in that dream . . .

Sorry I was so long winded today! Have a great week!

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  1. O says "breakfast time?" when he's hungry no matter what time of day it is. The "I miss you all day" is so cute!!

    I'm SO sorry your stay at home plan fell through :( What a huge bummer. I hope you're able to find more kids to watch quickly and that the whole thing goes smoothly! Hugs.

    Love the raccoon dream. Ha!


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