Wednesday, October 31, 2012

28 Weeks

Baby is the size of an eggplant!

How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: Didn't weigh myself this week.
Maternity clothes? Yep. The jeans Niki and my mom got me came in the mail. They're pretty tight on my belly, but fit everywhere else. Just gonna have to try to stretch them out!
Sleep: I've noticed that if something wakes me up in the middle of the night, it takes me forever to fall back to sleep. Annoying.
Best moment this week: Dressing up for our Halloween party. :-)
Movement: All the time. I actually kind of think she flipped breech this week. I felt some major contorting on Monday and have noticed her kicking way down low since then. 12 weeks to flip back around, baby!
Food cravings: Still sweets, sweets, sweets. So excited to raid Lucy's Halloween stash!
Food aversions: Vegetables. ;-) 
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton Hicks.
Belly Button in or out? Out. 

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.

What I am looking forward to: Having this baby out and in my arms.
Milestones:I passed my glucose tolerance test! Whew! And according to my babycenter email, the baby has eyelashes now!
Weekly name clue: I did some research on the social security website this week. I could only go back as far as 1880, but as far back as they kept records, the name peaked in 1884. Over the next few years, it started to go down the ranks. It just started trending back upward in 2002, although it's still well below the top 100. I can see my sisters grimacing thinking of all kinds of old lady names. :-)

I got my maternity belt in the mail on Monday. It's really tight and uncomfortable. And I don't think it really makes a difference. I wore it today while I took the kids to the library. It's getting them in and out of the car, carrying RJ, pushing the stroller, bending up and down, and being on my feet that makes me sore. I was still just as sore today as usual even with the dumb belt on. I also wore it tonight Trick or Treating, but still didn't make it the whole time. And I'm in major pain now. This is TMI, but I seriously feel like I've been kicked in the crotch by a donkey! I'm sore so low. And I know it's only going to get worse as she gets lower!

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  1. Aww, Lucy's costume is so cute :) I've definitely eaten more candy than my kids have!

    Yay for passing the glucose test! I'm so scared I'm going to fail it next time because I cut it really close this time!

    Aaah I want to figure out the name!!


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