Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. One of my favorite Lucy words of late is "family!" She frequently makes us all stand in the kitchen and do "family dance time." And that day that it was 80* this week, we were all outside. Justin went inside to get something and she followed him in, shouting, "Daddy - come out! It family time!" Haha. We also do "family hugs" where the 3 of us hug each other. Apparently she thinks any hugging is called "family" though. Justin and I were hugging the other day and she said, "family!"

2. On Monday after my lovely glucose tolerance test, Lucy and I went thrift shopping with my brother, Luke. He moved back from Florida recently and it's so nice to have him home! I'm so happy that Lucy is getting to know him and has warmed up to him so quickly. It helps a lot that he always has some kind of gadget in his pocket that can play Dora clips or Angry Birds. :-)

3. I felt the baby get hiccups for the first time this week. I felt it much earlier with Lucy. Maybe this baby will have less gastro-intestinal problems than Lucy? Haha.

4. I know this is a Lucy-heavy update, but I'm having a really hard time thinking of anything to write, so here are some of Lucy's funny words:

When she says "I can do it myself," she always says, "I can do it my foot." Haha. I don't know where that comes from.

She pronounces polka-dot "polky-dot." So cute.

And she pronounces swimsuit "swim soup." Which reminds me, I had a bowl of canned soup for dinner the other night, then Lucy was all up in my face talking to me and she said, "Your mouth smell like soup." Haha. Juno, anyone?

5. Here's some exciting potty training news: Lucy is finally starting to go to the bathroom by herself. She pretty much only wears leggings, so she can get them off easily and has figured out how to climb onto the toilet by herself. It's fabulous when she says, "I have to go potty" and all I have to say is, "Ok - go in the bathroom and go." She also apparently grew in the past couple weeks, because she can reach all the light switches in our house now - which is helpful for taking herself to the bathroom.

6. I've been feeling guilty lately about how badly we eat. So I'm making it my goal to actually eat a few servings of fruit a day. And I bought some baby food carrots to sneak into Lucy's food. I put it in her beef-a-roni and cheese roll-up this week and she was none the wiser! I also bought her a new cup with a straw and I'm going to start making her smoothies with spinach in them. But I have to wait for strawberries to go on sale. I'm too cheap to eat healthy.

7. Tonight is our small group halloween party. I can't wait! My costume is going to be pretty fabulous. Haha. Stay tuned for pictures.

Sorry this was a lame one. I'm a pretty boring person lately!

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  1. I love the learning-to-talk phase including the silly words.

    Buy frozen berries!

    I loved your costume :P


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