Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 In Review

2012 was a pretty exciting year for us. We had some big changes, some traumatic experiences, many opportunities to see God provide for us, and many blessings. Here's a quick recap.

- I lost our 3rd baby on Justin's birthday - January 24. 
- My boss got a new job and the hours at my nanny job changed drastically.
- Justin took up running: he did a 15K in March and the 5/3rd Riverbank Run in May. 
- Lucy turned 2 and learned and grew sooooo much in one year!
- She also did a fair amount of puking. Haha.
- I found out I was pregnant with baby #4 on May 16 - 5 days after Lucy's birthday.
- I planted a garden for the first time (with my dad's help).
- We had an uncharacteristically hot summer and didn't harvest much. 
- My van died and my mom gave us hers for free!
- Justin's car had all kinds of trouble. We put a lot of money into it!
- I discovered www.plainchicken.com and tried all kinds of new, wonderful recipes.
- Justin and I both had job changes. He took a new position at his company, and I left my nanny job after 6 years. 
- My baby sister got married! I hardly fit in my bridesmaid dress and Lucy was a scowling, adorable flower girl. 
- Lucy had her first ER visit after swallowing a penny.
- We found out we're having a girl on September 10!
- Justin and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and 10th dating anniversary!
- I went Black Friday shopping with my mom and Niki at 31 weeks pregnant. 
- Lucy and I did all kinds of fun crafts and activities thanks to Pinterest!

At the beginning of the year, I read a few great books (they're all linked on the right --->)
- Forgotten God by Francis Chan
- Trust in an Age of Arrogance by C. FitzSimons Allison
- Choosing to See by MaryBeth Chapman
- Radical by David Platt - not my favorite, but it sure made me think!

I also discovered Colleen Coble and read pretty much everything by her. 

2013 promises to hold a few changes of its own. Hopefully we'll be bringing a baby home around Justin's birthday this year, our living situation is likely going to change, and I can only imagine how much Lucy will grow and change again in this year! 

My only resolutions are to pay down some of our debt and read more. I started out reading so much at the beginning on 2012. I grow so much spiritually when I have those kinds of books to challenge me and make me think about what I believe. I've got to get back into that! I'd also like to lose a bunch of weight this year. Maybe within a couple months. Haha. ;-)

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  1. It has been a very eventful year for you! Happy New Year- hope it's a great one :)


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