Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Name Explained

Now that she's here and you all know her name, I can share the details. We really didn't set out to find another 4 letter L name. I actually kind of wanted to avoid it. Now that I have Lucy and Lena, I feel like the next baby will be getting the shaft if we don't stick with that theme. But Lena was the only name Justin and I both really liked. So there you have it. Here are the weekly clues explained:

1. Combination of 2 family member's names. This one was tricky because one of them is a family member most of you don't know. Haha. Justin's Grandma's name is Leora and his mom's name is Donna. Combined: Lena! Also, she shares a middle name with Justin's mom (Kay).

2. In the book Deeply Devoted, the main character had a baby named Lina. We changed the spelling to honor Justin's grandma.

3. The actress from a show that I used to love but isn't on anymore is Lena Olin from Alias. :-) (She played Irina - Sydney's mom.)

4. The social security rankings: In the US, it was ranked most highly in 1884 at #41. It started to move back up the ranks in 2002. It's currently at #360.

5. The actress on a current cable show is Lena Dunham. She apparently created and stars in the HBO show "Girls." I've never seen it.

6. I said the name was ethnic and popular in other countries. It's actually very popular in Europe. According to, it's rated #3 in Austria, #9 in Poland, and #13 in France.

7. One of my clues was that it's sometimes used as a nickname, but can also stand alone. It could be a nickname for a plethora of names (Magdalena, Helena, Selena, etc.) I briefly considered giving her the full name Melina. But I knew I'd never actually call her that, and it was just a little too weird for me.

8. When searching for name meaning, I usually just found "diminutive of Magdalena" or "woman of Magdala," but the more I searched, I started to find meanings like "bright" and "light." Lucy's name means "bringer of light." So I guess we're going with a light theme. :-)

So there you have it. Congrats to Amy Evans for figuring it out so early. My sisters can't actually take too much credit. Lucy spilled it to them and then they confirmed each week with the clues. Haha. That's what I get for telling my 2 year old.

Birth story to come!


  1. I can see the light connection -- my "Eleanor" means light too, and Lena is kinda similar. :)

  2. Do you pronounce it Lehna, Leena, or Layna?

  3. Awesome! Love how thought out your naming process was; I was the same way and I think we're strange like that because I'm sure most people just slap a name on that sounds good. Way to get creative!


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