Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. It's birthday week!! Did you notice? ;-) Here's the photo recap:

I didn't cook all week. I did bare-minimum cleaning. And I ate so much good food. (Really, I eat junk all the time, but don't usually spend as much on fast food.) At one point this week, Lucy said, "You sure like taking pictures of your food." Lol.

2. This morning, Justin and the girls brought me breakfast in bed:
Last weekend, we celebrated my Grandpa's 90th birthday and my dad wrote "Happy Birthday, Grandpa" on the chalkboard. Lucy erased "Grandpa" to add my name, then kept a running countdown of how many days until my birthday. :-)

Also, a word about breakfast in bed. After 10 years of marriage, Justin and I have this great arrangement where I buy canned cinnamon rolls when I go grocery shopping and tell him, "I want breakfast in bed on my birthday. There are cinnamon rolls in the fridge. No earlier than 10 am, please." That way, I'm not disappointed when I don't get breakfast in bed, and he's not irritated that I expected him to read my mind. :-)

3. I've been a little overly vocal about my apprehension over turning 30. It's mostly in jest. Aging is certainly better than the alternative! [Death] I just feel like you should have your life together by the time you're 30. The 20s are for "finding yourself" and making bad decisions and working toward your future. By 30, you should be secure. And here I am, living with my parents, a college-dropout still paying off my student loans. Blurg.

It helps that I'm among the youngest of my friends, so most of them are already 30. It's old hat by now. :-)

4. My big birthday plans for today include chilling at home, then going out for dinner, shopping, and a movie with Justin. The girls gave me my presents before I could even drink my morning coffee. Haha. Justin got me some cute maternity shirts (My husband has better taste in clothing than I do) and some new winter boots. I wanted some tall ones with handles, because I'm not going to be able to bend over and pull them on in a few months. Lol. But the handle ones (Bogs) are ridiculously expensive, so we went with these instead. Justin's probably going to have to tie them for me by February, but look how cute they are:
Lucy modeling my new boots. Haha.
5. In non-birthday news . . . I finished my 30 Before 30 and actually ended up reading 75 books between my 29th and 30th birthdays. Wowza. I read another one this week, too. The Inn at Ocean's Edge by Colleen Coble. I usually can't predict the endings of her books, but I got this one! I was pretty proud of myself. Haha.

6. So I've been stalking these pregnancy message boards lately. This week, there was a post about hiring a baby nurse to come help you out with your newborn the first week of its life. A lot of women commented that if they had the money and didn't have help from their moms/mothers-in-law, they'd do it. I was shocked by how many women said they had their moms move in with them for a week or two after the baby was born. I have a very close family, and they definitely helped out - driving me to doctor's appointments, making meals, giving me a break here and there to catch a nap, but no one moved in full-time! And I honestly wouldn't have wanted that. I'd understand if you were having triplets or something, but really . . . newborns aren't that hard. I've had two, so I can say that. And then, watch this one pop out a holy terror . . . Haha.

7. Lucy had Grandparents' Day at school yesterday. She was soooo excited. And most of her grandparents were able to go. I realized that when I was in elementary, all of my grandparents were always able to come, because they were really old and retired. Both my parents and Justin's parents are still working - the ones that came yesterday for Lucy got out of work early to do so. And then I realized that Justin and I are pretty young parents. I wasn't born until my dad was 30. And my mom is the youngest of 8, so her parents were already old by the time she was born. They were real old by the time I was born! I also realized for the first time this week that my Grandpa and I are almost exactly 60 years apart.  And while my dad and Lena's birthdays aren't as close, if you go by the years they were born, they're also exactly 60 years apart. Just some fun facts for you. :-)

Thanks for all the birthday love, y'all! You're a huge reason it's one of my favorite days (ahem, weeks) of the year! Oh, and as a special birthday present to me, my all-time blog views went over 100,000 this week! Thanks!!

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  1. My mom came for 2-3 weeks after Bertie was born. She took care of the house so I could sleep and nurse. It was wonderful.


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