Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. I forgot a couple cute parts to the gender reveal story.

Lucy never asked how the ultrasound tech knew it was a boy. And when she was looking at the pictures later, the tech wrote "it's a boy" on the money shot. Lucy read, "It's a boy!" but didn't ask what the picture was of. Haha. Whew. Explanation avoided! I can't wait to hear the questions that arise when she helps change that first diaper . . .

As we were leaving the doctor's office, I told Lucy I wanted to stop at Target and get a "little brother" outfit, so we could use it to reveal the news to Grandma and Aunt Niki. Lucy said, "No! I want to tell them!" And she actually did it. She exclaimed "It's a boy!" to everyone who asked. So sweet.

2. I pulled out the fall bins of Lucy's old clothes for Lena, and put away some of Lena's outgrown stuff this week. And I got a little sad that no one will wear those adorable outfits again. Thinking of all the newborn dresses and skirts that are packed away nearly brought me to tears. Yeah . . . I don't think this can be our last baby . . .

3. Last week at Sparkies (Lucy's Wednesday night church program), they had a fire drill and had to go outside in the dark. Lucy was totally traumatized. (Imagine that.) She insisted that she's never going to Sparkies again. These kind of issues are so hard for me. I was that fearful child. I know how she feels. I don't want to force her into situations that she's scared of. But I also know that I can't coddle her and she has to learn to face her fears in order to function in society. Justin said that she had to go on Wednesday. She didn't really want to, but wasn't in all-out fit mode when they left the house. But he said she was crying in the corner when he left her at church. Ugh. My poor anxious child. I hate that I've passed it on to her. We reassured her up and down that they only have to do one fire drill a year and there wouldn't be another one, that fire drills are actually a good thing and teach them how to be safe, that even if there was a fire, she knows what to do and the firemen will come put it out, etc, etc. But if there's one thing I know, logic doesn't apply to fear. Fortunately, Lucy came through it just fine. She came home bouncing up and down, singing new songs, showing off the Halloween goodies she got from her teacher, and talking all about what they did. I'm glad Justin made me make her go. It's a good thing someone around here has his head on straight and isn't crippled by fear. Haha.

4. I discovered Anne Taintor on Pinterest this week. I don't identify with her hatred of being a housewife, but her cooking philosophy aligns perfectly with mine:

I made two meals for dinner this week that Justin didn't like. On Thursday, he had to work late, then planned to give plasma afterward, so he said he was just going to get fast food on the way home. Well, that's just not fair that he gets to eat out and we don't (life is all about fairness, you know), so I told him we'd meet him for dinner. As it turned out, Olive Garden was running a special for $1 kids' meals, and I had $50 in gift cards from my birthday. So Olive Garden it was!

If you know me at all, you know I love Olive Garden. So Lucy has had it many times in her life. She's never had a problem with their food. On Thursday, she got macaroni, fries, breadsticks, and milk. She gobbled down 3 breadsticks, hardly touched her food, and guzzled two cups of milk. I specifically asked what they fry their fries in and was told canola oil (soybean oil makes her puke). While the waitress was at our table boxing up our leftovers, Lucy started to whine that her belly hurt. After years of experience, I am prepared for these events. I whipped a plastic grocery bag out of my purse, threw it at Lucy, and she promptly puked everything she had eaten into it. The poor waitress didn't know what to do. I really wanted to assure her that she's not contagious, she just has some kind of weird allergy or eats too fast. As soon as the puke was out of her belly, Lucy felt fine again. So weird.

5. Here's one for my fellow Friends fans: one day recently, Lucy and Lena were doing something with their hands and Lucy randomly said, "Look mommy! Our hands are twins!" All I could think of was this:

6. I had an eye doctor appointment yesterday. We have vision insurance, so I get one free exam a year. I hate going, because the doctor always scolds me about how I'm ruining my eyes, wearing my contacts too long, have to stop buying cheap Meijer brand contact solution, etc. But either pregnancy is good for my eyes or he was feeling lazy yesterday, because he didn't lecture me at all! And when my exam was over, he looked at my insurance information and said I was eligible for free frames! I was excited because my glasses are from the year 2000 and are pretty much worthless. I want some cute glasses to wear in the hospital and after the baby's born. So I picked some out, then sat down with the receptionist. Imagine my surprise when she said I owed $165. I'm a dunce and didn't realize the lenses are an added expense on top of the frames. It was fine because we have HSA money just sitting in our account for this kind of thing, but it still annoys me. She itemized my bill and told me before insurance, the exam and glasses total came to $440. That is so ridiculous. You can go to America's Best or Eyeglass World and get an exam and glasses for like $69. Stinkin' optometrists. (But stay tuned for pictures of my cute glasses! Haha.)

7. I recently figured out how to save my own snapchats. So here's our week in snapchat pictures:

Niki sent me a snapchat saying they finally got the cable hooked up at their new house. This was Lucy's response:
Lena came down with some kind of stomach bug this week. She's not the pro Lucy is at puking and doesn't realize when it's coming, so she spewed all over the kitchen floor one night while I was making dinner. She spent the rest of the night like this:

The girls got new boots from Once Upon a Child. Lucy adores hers and walks around saying, "I look so cute!" Lena likes hers too, but doesn't like pictures:

While Niki lived in an apartment for the past year, we housed her cat. Now that she's finally getting settled in the new house, we knew she'd be coming for her cat any day. One night, Trouble did this, so I had to send a picture to Niki:
She was not nearly as accommodating when it actually came time to ride in the car and go to Niki's house. Haha.
And this was in my gender reveal post, but it pretty much sums up our week. Still trying to wrap our heads around it!

Happy Halloween, y'all! Stay warm and dry!

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