Sunday, November 8, 2015

22 Weeks

Blurry bathroom selfie from Ladies' Retreat. I'll try to remember and get a picture with the girls tomorrow.
Baby is the size of a papaya this week.

How Far Along? 22 weeks
Total Weight Gain: +1 again. +6 total.
Maternity Clothes? I actually broke out some maternity shirts this week. I decided to try them on again and found a few that fit, so I've been wearing more and more maternity.
Sleep: Terrible night sweats. Some trouble falling asleep. Mostly, though, it's glorious and I love it.
Best Moment This Week: Really popping out. I have a love/hate relationship with my bump. I do think it's fun. I like people to notice it. Right now, even as I start to get bigger, I like that I look obviously pregnant. I'll start to get uncomfortably huge soon. But I'm enjoying it now.
Movement: Rolling, twisting, punching, kicking. Still so low. I was trying to get Lucy to feel him this week, and I kept moving her hands way down. She finally said, "Why's he so far down there if your belly is so big!" Haha. I wonder the same thing!
Food Cravings: Pop, sour candy, salty snacks
Food Aversions: Nothing. 
Gender: It's a boy!!!!  
Name: I have two that I think are my top contenders. They're very different and I'm having a hard time deciding. (Justin likes them both and told me to decide!)
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks. Not a ton, but they're there.
What I Miss: Being pain-free. Not feeling guilty about my caffeine consumption.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Choosing a name, buying little boy stuff, the girls being able to feel him move. 
Milestones: I'm starting to get that sore/achy feeling in my lower stomach. I think I grew a lot this week - I felt a lot of stretching and pulling. And I'm starting to feel a little cumbersome. Check out the comparison from last week to this week:

Obviously, it's different clothing, different angles, different distances, but you can't deny that I definitely grew this week. (I flung my name-tag behind me for the picture. I'm really not wearing a choker. Haha.)

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