Sunday, November 29, 2015

25 weeks

With my little Vanna . . .
I'm starting to feel big, but looking pretty comparable to my pregnancy with Lena . . . or maybe a little smaller? Definitely whiter! Haha.

Baby is the size of a cauliflower this week!

How Far Along? 25 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Well I gained 2 this week. Officially up 10 pounds. I told you I'd start packing it on toward the end . . .
Maternity Clothes? Almost everything.
Sleep: It's starting to get harder. Lying on my side is getting uncomfortable because my belly pulls forward so much - even with pillows wedged every which way. I'm worrying a little bit about the next 15 weeks . . .
Best Moment This Week: Seeing him on the ultrasound Tuesday.

Movement: Sometimes I wonder what on earth he's doing in there. Jumping jacks? Break dancing? Still feeling it pretty low unless I'm lying on my back. 
Food Cravings: Cheese, pop, milk, savory foods
Food Aversions: Nothing. 
Gender: It's a boy!!!!  
Name: Still waffling between those same two and waiting for something better to fall into my lap.
Labor Signs: Nada. Although I'm starting to notice the lovely pubic bone pain if I'm on my feet too long, so my bones are probably stretching and making room. 
What I Miss: Being able to be on my feet for more than an hour at a time without intense pain.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Picking a name, organizing all the baby clothes in the new dresser I bought (Black Friday deal!).
Milestones: I can't see my toes anymore . . . also got my first ever maternity coat. Woohoo!

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I started with the glucose tolerance test. I forgot I was taking it that day and had two cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Oops. They say to eat normally until an hour before the test, though. That's actually pretty normal for me, and I passed, so my body apparently handles copious amounts of sugar quite well! ;-)

Then I had an ultrasound to check on the SCH. I had a tech I've never had before and I don't know if the baby was being uncooperative or if the tech was just particularly aggressive. She kept jiggling my belly and pushing on it to get him to move. I've never had anyone do that before. She switched over to 3D for a while and he's actually starting to look pretty cute! (We did a little bit of 3D at the 20 week and he just looked creepy. Lol.) After a while, she said she didn't see the SCH anywhere and I started to feel so relieved. Two seconds later she said, "oh wait . . . I think I see it." Unfortunately, the baby was pressed up against it, so the jiggling and pushing started again. I even had to lay on my side to try and get him to move. I was actually sore the rest of the day from all the poking and prodding! She eventually got him to move enough that she could measure the SCH and - surprise, surprise!- it hasn't changed at all!


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