Monday, October 10, 2016

10. Insist on Birthday Week

Today is my 31st birthday. Woohoo!! I love birthdays. I make a big deal of them for my kids, and I make a big deal of it for myself. I actually scaled back on the reminders on facebook this year. Now that I'm 31, I'm too mature for such childish antics. But I'm not too mature for this:

Mostly, birthday week is license to binge on junk food, be lazy, and go out to eat multiple times in one week. I actually do that all the time, but during birthday week, I do it without feeling guilty. :-D

Lucy has already started asking why she doesn't get to celebrate her birthday for a whole week. Haha. I may have started a bad habit, but life is short, y'all. (Seriously. How am I so old?) Enjoy it while it lasts! Because honestly, just making it to another year is an accomplishment that should be celebrated for more than one day.

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