Sunday, October 16, 2016

16. Don't Be Ashamed of Your Post-Baby Body

Posts like this make me angry:
10 days?! Seriously?!
They make me angry for two reasons:
1. Because I'm jealous. Just going to admit that from the get-go. It doesn't matter how much lean protein I consume or how many hours of cardio I do. This is never going to look like that^.
Especially not after 10 days!
But more importantly is this:
2. Because it's ridiculous.

It is ridiculous to perpetuate the idea that women's bodies should (or even can) look like that 10 days after giving birth. If you want to get fit after having a baby, go for it. But don't give up those precious hours of your newborn's first weeks of life frantically trying to get back into your skinny jeans. Don't jeopardize your milk supply and risk complications from childbirth (you know, where you just pushed a living being out of your body!) for the sake of vanity.

But if you must, can you please just do it silently in your home? We love seeing monthly photos of your baby. But please, for the love of Pete, don't include yourself in a bikini:
Stop stealing your baby's spotlight!
I feel like there's such a push in our society to "love who you are," to be "comfortable in your own skin," to "embrace your curves." So posts like this seem to be going backwards! Can't we all just agree that being pregnant is amazing and does amazing things to your body? Must we try so hard to erase all evidence of the baby from our bodies?

My girl Pam [aka Jenna Fischer] sums it up well:

Sit on your couch and snuggle your baby. Exercise after your six week checkup if it's really that important to you. But don't miss out on time with your baby so you can look like you never had one.


  1. Those women ARE comfortable in their body, and they ARE embracing their curves. What they are embracing is just different than what you embrace after birthing a little human. They are proud of their efforts. It's not to say that most women should do that, and I also think it's not intended to shame the majority of women who do not return to fitness-model status. The fit women have returned to the fitness status to which they are accustomed.
    FYI I'm a former triathlete who bounced back into shape pretty quickly after giving birth to all 3 of my babies. I worked out 6 days a week before ever getting pregnant. I love it, won't give it up. It's normal for me. That I leave the house for an hour and my significant other watches my little ones, does not mean I'm missing the joyous moments as they grow up. It's my body. It's the only one I have and it should be in the shape I want. I'm not obsessive. This is always how I've lived. I love healthy foods and the nourishment I feel I'm providing my family, and babies as I breastfeed.

    I know your intent was not to disparage the women whose photos you posted, just as their intent also was probably not to disparage you either. They probably do not care about the shape your body is in post-partum. Posting a photo of a body about which they are very proud is not perpetuating anything or going backwards. (Just think of the other side of the story).

  2. Last comment I promise. Talking to a friend at the gym last night about this post and we both agreed- women's bodies are beautiful no matter what. Fit, not fit, plump, obese, whatever. I personally don't post post-partum bikini photos (my friend does) but we equated it to: when someone loses weight, regardless of starting weight, and it shows, it's not uncommon to post a photo, to celebrate the accomplishment. It's the same thing- though the interpretive implications from many mothers seems not to be positive.

    We just felt the need to be understood regarding your post. No offense, judgement, or negative feelings. - A Loyal Reader


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