Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. I think absence makes the heart grow fonder for my girls. With Lucy being at school for 7 hours every day, they appreciate each other so much more when they're together. They play so nicely together after school and on weekends. Most weeknights I actually have to tell them to stop playing so we can do dinner/homework/baths. I never thought the day would come! Last night, I overheard Lucy telling Lena, "Tomorrow is Saturday, so we can play together all day!"

2. I realized something about myself recently. I'm exceedingly more productive at the beginning of the week than the end. Mondays are my best days. I get so much done and have so much energy. By Thursday I'm exhausted and ornery and find myself thinking, "We're just going to have a media day today. Lena can watch as much TV as she wants so I don't have to get off the couch." Heinous parenting aside, I'm wising up and learning to get things done at the beginning of the week, because otherwise they won't get done. If I don't go grocery shopping or vacuum or clean out the fridge on Monday or Tuesday, I'll convince myself it's not that big of a deal by Thursday or Friday. Haha.

3. I have a new online shopping obsession: Hollar. It's kind of like an online dollar store. Or maybe more comparable to Five Below. Super cheap deals on nice stuff! There's a $10 minimum, but you can get a lot for $10. You get free shipping on your first order, otherwise shipping is free after you spend $25. And they keep sending me codes for 40% off one item or free shipping on a $10 order, and sucking me in to buy more! Lol. I've made 3 orders in the past two weeks. Haha. But I'm getting a ton of useful stuff/Christmas presents! On my last order, a couple things were back-ordered, so they sent me a $2 credit for my next order! Oh, and the first two times I checked out, I got a $2 credit just for shopping. Here are some of the things I've ordered:
This was $1!
I got the Minnie Mouse version of this kickboard for $1
This is $10, but I used my 40% off code to get it for $6!
I'm so excited for this one. I haven't gotten it yet, so I can't speak to the quality, but it looks awesome. I really need something for Levi's toys and this will be perfect. $5!
You know you want to check it out . . . and use my referral link to get us both another $2 credit!

4. Lucy's been begging me to cut her hair, and I've been getting sick of fighting her to brush it, so I decided after her bath one day this week just to chop it off. I forgot to take a before pic, but here's the after:
Sorry for the terrible quality. Her hair has gotten so curly in the past year. It is crazy!

And then, of course, Lena wanted her hair cut too. Hers has never even been trimmed, so I did remember to take a before pic.

After! (Justin fixed the unevenness after the picture. Haha.)
What I cut off of each girl. Lena on left, Lucy on right.
I was a little sad about cutting off Lena's baby hair with that curl on the end, but it still has some curl and it will grow long again. It's just hair!

5. So I did my facebook fast this week. I avoided it for 6 days, but I'm not sure it was that effective. I just replaced it with blogging for my Write31Days. The good news is, I have the first 6 days written. The bad news is that I'm still on the computer too much. I'm starting to think it's a really unhealthy addiction. I missed facebook a lot (although it was nice to avoid politics for a week!).

6. Lucy has been cracking me up lately. Here are a couple gems from this week:

Lucy: I can be a stair. Watch.
Me: What do you mean?
Lucy: Like steps. A stair! Watch! [Proceeds to sit totally still and not do anything.]
Me: Wow.

Lucy: I wonder why God allowed sin when he created the world.

Lucy: Everyone gets hiccups, Lena. Well, I don't know if God does.

7. This week in pictures:
It got cold in our house!
Lena and I made apple crisp:
She peeled all the apples.
She was a big fan of the sugar covered apples.
Then she insisted on using her hands to mix all the ingredients.
And then this happened. Haha. We've been reading Pete's a Pizza a lot. 

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